CAGs Unite and Rejoice

I wish I had found this website when it first started as I would be swimming in video games by now. That is a personal dream. Anyways, The place I am talking about is, all they do is look for deals on video games at the lowest price. So you are probably saying oh great I could use a price comparison website and achieve the same thing. Wrong! They give you brick and mortar (b&m) stores such as Best Buy, Circuit City and Target ads to show the newest game at the cheapest price. One of the first things I saw on their or CAG for short is an ad for EB Games for a sale at least two weeks ahead of time. This in turn had me at the store early enough on the sale day to pick up all of the NES games they had for half price. Even the employee was mad because he said he was going to pick up some of the games I got. My best deal to date is picking up Half-Life 2: Collectors Edition for $20.00 because I saw the ad for it at CompUSA but got Circuit City to match the price at the time Circuit City was selling it for $69.99. CAG also gives you coupons to use at b&m and online stores to save even more. CAG has exclusive coupons only for their website like up to 25% off at EB Games and free shipping. So you are probably wondering why would I give this secret away when I could hog all the savings for myself. Well it is simple, the more people that give info on the forums the more deals for everyone. - Cheap video games, video game sales, and video game deals for your cheap ass

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