J Dilla (Jay Dee): Donuts Mini-Review

This review would have eventually been written but due to the circumstances, I thought it would be appropriate to do it now. J Dilla aka Jay Dee was born on February 7, 1974 and passed away on February 10, 2006. Although he will be missed he will not be forgot because his music will live on. The way that J Dilla produced music was a rare talent and he put his soul into his music. Every time you pick up one of his albums, you are feeling and listening to his spirit. J Dilla (Jay Dee) Donuts was released on February 7th (his birth date). Donuts features 31 tracks of pure enjoyment. Every track feels as if you are on a musical journey. Airworks a track on Donuts is similar to a walk on a sand beach without shoes. It feels raw yet you love the texture and feel of it. For any inspiring or established producer, emcee, fan or person not to have this album is pure insanity. All of the instrumentals have the J Dilla sound but each one has a different mood. It is nice to hear each track back to back because you do not know what to expect next but you know it will be great. Donuts will stand the test of time and will build momentum once artists or producers find samples or tracks to continue the J Dilla legacy.

J Dilla-Donuts


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