Kaieos Gets Ecliptic Sight To E3

Well this might shock some of you but I did manage to get to E3 aka Gamer’s Paradise. The wonderful group that got me into E3 this year is Kaieos. Kaieos is spearheaded by Keith Vu. Keith doesn’t only do that but he also runs eZZyprints.com. How he does it is anyone’s guess. I just have to say thanks to Keith and Kaieos because I am at E3 typing this to you at the L.A. Convention Center.

Kaieos Logo


  1. Yeah! We’re a striving group thats fast growing that will blast the competition! Who knows we’ll become well known to the world!

  2. Indeed, we are definitely a striving group. We are very passionate and dedicated about what we do. Our main goal is to take the world by storm and with Keith on our side there is no doubt we will accomplish that and more. In a near future, people will come to the E3 events to take a look at what KAIEOS has been cooking.

    To move ahead you need to believe in yourself
    Idania Eos.-

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