HipHopSite Digital Music Store

HipHopSite Digital Music Store will be your new home for DRM-free mp3s of your favorite independent/underground (possibly major labels which is hinted at in their FAQ) hip-hop music. Individual tracks will be $1.39 while full albums will be $10.00 through $13.00 on their beta website. Although this is a just their beta digital music store with few titles it has potential to become another source for your digital pleasure. HipHopSite Digital Music Store will have exclusive tracks such as Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass album featuring two bonus tracks and downloads will also include artwork and album notes when possible. I am still saddened that they have stop selling physical media (CDs, Vinyl, DVDs, T-shirts and other items) but I am glad that HipHopSite Digital Music Store is now there to fill that gap of Hip-Hop music.

From HipHopSite Digital FAQ Version 1.2:
What is HipHopSite Digital Music Store?
HipHopSite Digital Music Store is the future of HipHopSite.Com. It is an online digital music retail website that allows its users to legally purchase and download digital music in the MP3 format.

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