IMA-ONE creates a Robot Robinson

John Robinson delivers fierce lyrics to any track he spits on. Now he has teamed up with Robot Koch to transform into Robot Robinson. Their sound is a mash up of Hip-Hop and Electronic music to nicely combine the genres. Robot Robinson did not stop with their sound scape and injected it into their artwork with the help of IMA-ONE. IMA-ONE is a graphical genius from the land of Japan and gives his own unique spin on their concept. If you check out The John Robinson Project website you can see sketches of the art below and the album cover with the final project also.

Drawing Hip-Hop For The Love

Doing my usual deviantART browsing and typed in hip-hop and this little gem popped up. The artist goes by DirtyDre and this is his take on some of his (and my) favorite emcees. Can you guess all five? Click on the image to see the answer. For more artwork and information on the artist check out his website at:

my 5 favorite emcee’s matched by my five favorite albums by the artist, then one quote from each album respectively. ~DirtyDre

OneForHip-Hop: This is love by ~DirtyDre on deviantART