All Kinds Of Stuff From John K.

Who is John K. you ask? What is all kinds of stuff? Why do pigs fly? I will answer in the order given. First, John K. is the creator Ren & Stimpy and the proud owner of Spumco (which was reported here). Second, all kinds of stuff is John K.’s blog where he talks about new shows, caricatures, animation techniques and more. The last and final answer is that Ren & Stimpy – The Lost Episodes will be released on July 18, 2006. What does that have to do with pigs flying, well I thought I would never get new episodes of Ren & Stimpy. Another bonus to John K.’s all kinds of stuff is that he has posted sneak previews of the DVD. Enjoy.

Ren & Stimpy Lost Episodes Cover

Golden Axe Gone Away (GAGA)

My title sounds like a song, “Golden Axe Gone Away…” You can finish the rest if you must but before I get off track. I recently put my Golden Axe arcade cabinet on for sale. I was going to restore it myself but time (mostly more games) caught up to me. Anyways, two guys came by to pick it up and through conversation I found out they work for Rhythm and Hues (that is working on the next Superman: Rhythm and Hues). So they told me they were going to restore it for their company and turn it into a MAME machine. I thought it was a good idea and asked if they would keep me posted. Well they did and also made a sight for it called RhythmMAME. I think this post gives an insight into how much work will be involved and tons of photos. Have fun.

Old Golden Axe Arcade

Edit: It seems that the RhythmMAME is back and all links are updated, thanks tony.

SiN Episodes: Emergence Quick Update

You can now preload SiN Episodes: Emergence through your Steam client. If that makes no sense to you then refer back to my previous post on SiN Episodes. Also if you go to you can download the Emergence trailer and music from the game. The lead game developer has also started a blog on the sight to keep us up to date with the progress of the games. The game is slated to be released on May 9th, so call 911 because you need to get to the Emergence. (Yeah, I went there.)

SiN Episodes: Emergence

Ren and Stimpy Creator’s Blog

John Kricfalusi the man behind the wildly popular Ren and Stimpy has created a blog called all kinds of stuff. It sheds light on his technique of art, drawing, caricatures (he draws those for inspiration), shows and company. He has tons of information on every aspect of animation and gives good pointers on drawing. You can see the new shows that he is trying to get on the air and check out his great art as well.

Ren and Stimpy