Murs – Murray’s Revenge: Mini-Review

People say that lightning cannot strike in the same place twice. Well Murs and 9th Wonder are here to prove them wrong. This is the second time that Murs and 9th have worked together, the first time being on Murs – 3:16. On 3:16, Murs provided his visual landscapes of musical wordplay with 9th inserting his patented beat-smith wizardry to make a perfect project. With Murs – Murray’s Revenge album they have defied laws of nature and has elected to have 9th produce all the beats on this album as well. The outcome is great follow up to an already great formula.

The great thing about Murs is that he has done Hip-Hop for a long time with his crew Living Legends, 3MG, Felt and numerous solo albums. All of his experience and subject matter makes Murray’s Revenge a very focused album. Songs like his L.A. anthem (the video can be seen here) will make you appreciate L.A. if you live here or makes you want to visit if you do not live in L.A. Another stand out track titled D.S.W.G. (Dark Skinned White Girls) gives a life lesson to be yourself no matter what people think or say. That is the unique quality of Murs is that he can layout a story that would be given by a mentor or older brother without sounding preachy.

Murs and 9th Wonder are both in top form on Murray’s Revenge and electrify (I’m taking that lightning reference a little to far) all of the tracks on this album. Hopefully this musical pairing will continue for future albums because this is not only what Hip-Hop needs but also music in general. Revenge is best served cold but Murray’s Revenge is best served loud, so turn it up and give it a listen.

Murs- Murray's Revenge

Free Legal Music 7

Chocolate Swim EP
Are you getting tired of all the free stuff yet? First a open source movie, then a free video and now a free album. Here is another question, what do you get when you mix one part music label Chocolate Ind. and mix one part cartoon block Adult Swim? The Chocolate Swim EP of course! (Didn’t you see the link at the top?) Adult Swim is at it again offering up an EP of various artists that is similar to the Danger Doom – Occult Hymn EP released by them. The artists gracing Chocolate Swim are Kovas, Lady Sovereign, Ghislain Poirier, Mos Def, Diverse, Vast Aire and MF Doom. If Adult Swim keeps this up they will be producing records by the end of the year with the imaginary album called, “Swim Doom!?”

Chocolate Swim EP

Big Sword, Bigger Hair and Biggest Stars

Afro Samurai will slash its way on to Spike TV with the help of some heavy hitters in the movie and music industry. Samuel L. Jackson will the voice the lead role of Afro Samurai while RZA will score the soundtrack of the show. Afro Samurai definitely has a unique and strong art direction that will fusion Hip-Hop, technology and samurai swordplay. The Afro Samurai sight has this to say about the show, “After watching his father die in a duel against an unbeatable villian known only as ‘Justice’, young Afro fixes his life on the study of the sword and revenge.” Sounds like Afro Samurai has all of the elements to be a great show.

Afro Samurai

Free Legal Movie

Elephants Dream
Elephants Dream the first “open movie” has generated a buzz because they give the viewer access to everything from production files, downloading the movie and soundtrack, and more. Elephants Dream is a 3D animation that was created with a program called Blender and developed by the Orange Open Movie Project studio in Amsterdam. As far as the animation goes Elephants Dream does a great job of delivering interesting characters and highly detailed environments. So go with a open mind to the first open movie.

Elephants Dream