Damu Will Prosper

There are certain artists out that make music for the love and progress of hip-hop and music, either by what they say or do. I remember on a radio interview awhile ago the radio host asked Wordsworth (of Punch & Words and EMC), that if he had a million dollars what would he do. His answer was that he would build a studio and make music all day. Ever since I heard that I knew I would buy anything he released. Another man in the same vein is Damu The Fudgemunk who I showed you do it for the love in Washington Square with his Akai. Available now is his digital and vinyl release of Kilawatt V1 with all the beats from you guessed it Damu. Here is a video from Kilawatt V1 project called Prosper.

Damu - Prosper: Video

ESP Album Art: Jamie Christopherson – Lost Planet Soundtrack

Here is another album cover done by headpiece747 for the video game, Lost Planet. The soundtrack was included on the collector’s edition of the game. The composer Jamie Christopherson also has ten out of the fifteen songs on his website for free download. Lost Planet is a mech/FPS that made me feel as though I was in the movie Starship Troopers. The visuals of the game are still impressive by today’s standards. The soundtrack is handled perfectly by Jaime Christopherson mixing soothing tones and chaotic effects to match the pace of the game. If you have not played the game or heard the soundtrack then definitely pick up the collector’s edition so you can have both, and make sure to check this weblink while you are at it .

Jaime Christopherson - Lost Planet Soundtrack: Album Art
Click on image for larger size (1500�1500)

Video Of The Moment! Part III

Here is a new video for two songs off of Tone Spliff’s Authentic album. First up Krumbsnatcha takes the mic and lets us know that he makes the music for his fans with the song, “Do It For You”. Then Born Talent jumps on with the song, “Respect Is Due” where he lets other artists know that respect is earned through hard work.

As a bonus, Tone Spliff is giving away his album, Authentic for free through his website: Mind Write Music. Here is the direct link for the lazy: Tone Spliff – Authentic.

Artist: Tone Spliff featuring Krumbsnatcha & Born Talent
Song: Do It For You/Respect Is Due
Album: Authentic
Director: Pacool

Tone Spliff - Do It For You/Respect Is Due: Video