Drip Stones Throw Subscription

Stones Throw is always putting out great music to make your head nod and now they have teamed up with Drip.FM so that you never have to miss a release ever again. It is a new subscription service that will run you $10 month to get all of their new releases. I have already put down the money for the service and happily got the brand new Homeboy Sandman – Subject: Matter EP. The list of stuff you will get with the subscription is here:

How it Works:
– Get every new Stones Throw release, delivered to your inbox
– Download any time, anywhere
– 320 kbps MP3 files, with no ‘DRM’ restrictions of any kind
– Exclusive tracks, mixes and sessions from Stones Throw artists
– Month-to-month billing.

Upon signing up, receive our three latest releases. Currently:
– Homeboy Sandman’s Subject: Matter EP
- The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 (advance release exclusively on drip.fm)
– M.E.D.’s Classic Instrumentals LP

Next up:
– J. Rocc’s Mystery Tracks EP
– Quakers, Quakers Album (Geoff Barrow of Portisthead & a hip-hop group of 35+ members)
– Jonwayne’s Oodles of Doodles Album

If that list doesn’t get you hype then you need to go to the emergency room because you maybe dying. Time to get back to the music.

Video Of The Moment! Part VI

I don’t know why this is my first post about The Doppelgangaz but I can assure you it won’t be the last. If I were to try to explain them to you it might put you off because they wear cloaks and make dark landscapes with their music. You still there okay good because they make dope music and have put the visuals to one of my favorite tracks off of their album, “Lone Sharks“. Check it out below and stay until the end to see why they are handing out apples. Watch off for the…

Directed by Nicolas Heller of @RickyShabazz
Cinematography by Seth Applebaum
Edited by Nicolas Heller and Seth Applebaum
Additional Cinematography by Gordon Hendrick
VFX by Brian Dohn
Special Thanks to Gregory Matesich
2011 Groggy Pack Entertainment, LLC.


Saints Row: The Third Gets A Little Cheapy

You know I like cheap games and I have put over 57 hours into Saints Row: The Third. So how can the two get combined and make me put in more hours, well put some Cheapy D on it. That is right my favorite website for looking up cheap games, CheapAssGamer has gotten the owner of the website Cheapy D into the game as a DLC coming on January 17th. He won an auction to become a playing character in the game. Here is a video showing Cheapy D messing people up and getting burned at the end. Watch until the end to here him say his favorite quote from the 2nd game in the series, hilarious.

ESP Music Agenda: The Dirty Politicians

So it is another year with another new site design and another ESP Music Agenda. This one makes me proud because it comes from my brother Cardiac and his group, The Dirty Politicians. They are making moves in Bakersfield (Killer Kern), California and have opened up for some big names such as 2 Live Crew, Onyx, Sean Price, Rakaa , Afro Man, Tech N9ne, Sand People, Luckyiam, Sic Jacken, Keith Murray, and more. I have even put one of their songs, “Rockey Red Eyes on the Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Future Edition and one of their live show videos. So I have been waiting for this and now I can put the world on The Dirty Politicians album, “Dirty Architecture” on Bandcamp. If you have been missing that west coast music like I have then you will be happy to add this to your catalogue. With songs like, “Flip the Page” that talk about their trials and tribulations to, “West Up” you will been nodding your head until it falls off. With Merge on the beats, he is crafting music that is intoxicating that will make you appreciate real hip-hop again. I can not speak highly enough about The Dirty Politicians and their music. Cardiac and Merge have dropped the visuals for their song, “Cold Box” off the album, “Loose Leaf & Lead” on Youtube that is directed by Evil Duer of the group and it shows that their creativity doesn’t just stop at the music. So sit back and prepare yourself for The Dirty Politicians movement.