Last Call, Last Call For Alkahol!

Firewater will officially be Tha Alkaholiks last album as a group. This marks over ten years of drunken funk from Catashtraphe (Tash), J-Ro and E-Swift. The first single that I heard was “Make Room” from their debut album “21 and Over” which was my introduction into the Likwit sound. Tha Alkaholiks continued to put out hit albums throughout the years such as Coast II Coast, Likwidation, X.O. Experience and now Firewater. King Tee (King T) was the man behind bringing Tha Liks to the forefront and they have never forgot that or him. On the same note, Tha Liks have introduced and influenced many people including the Lootpack, Defari Herut, Phil Tha Agony and Xzibit. This is only a shortlist and I think RZA said it best, “There’s no counting how many emcees’ have sprung from my fountain.” Tha Alkaholiks have probably inspired thousands of artists. They will be truly missed and this should not be the last that we hear from them. This is an excerpt from their sight and official press release: “We were party animals for over a decade. Times are changing,” says Tash. “We’ll still get together once in a while to do a song here and a song there, but this is going to be it as far as albums go.” So raise your glasses and let us give a toast to Tash, J-Ro and E-Swift of Tha Alkaholiks, may your legendary music and drunk status never sober.

Top 10 CDs From The 1990s

  1. Wu-Tang Clan – Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    First time to hear something so groundbreaking.
  2. Redman – Dare Iz A Darkside
    This is his second album where Red shows raw talent.
  3. Tha Alkaholiks – Coast II Coast
    The second time for Tha Liks but more storytelling and defined their sound.
  4. Ice Cube – Predator
    Ice Cube use to rhyme with emotion attached to great stories.
  5. Cypress Hill – Black Sunday
    Second effort also defining their sound and going insane in the brain.
  6. Del The Funkyhomosapien – No Need For Alarm
    Rumored that he freestyled this whole album and that is the correct spelling of his name on the first album.
  7. Company Flow – Funcrusher Plus
    Independent as…open the case and remove the CD to find out.
  8. Gravediggaz – 6 Feet Deep
    Labeled horrorcore at the time but the best collaboration with Prince Paul and RZA.
  9. Lyricist Lounge – Volume One
    So much talent packed on two cds.
  10. Boogie Monsters – Riders Of The Storm : The Underwater Album
    This group was overlooked but is a great album.

This was a list that I posted on the CAG forum about my top CDs of the 90s. I based my list on how I much I listened to each CD back then and how it impacted me at that time and now.

Jay Dee Aka J Dilla Rest In Peace

Jay Dee aka J Dilla passes away at age 32 on Februray 10, 2006. This is really sad day in music because he had his own sound and it will be missed. He had finally hooked up with Stones Throw and I thought it was a perfect match. R.I.P. Jay Dee aka J Dilla I will play his new album Donuts, Slum Village and Jaylib all night in his memory. If you want a complete list of his music there is a list on Stones Throw. I am really at a lost for words.

Update: According to Stones Throw front page, J Dilla had suffered for over three years with an incurable blood disease, and had also been diagnosed with lupus.” They are also taking donations for his mother and family and all the info can be found on the front page.

Battle of the Beats 2

Project Blowed will be the host of Battle of the Beats 2. It will feature musical producers coming with their finest tracks. Just confirmed by Detrimental Storm, he will be entering the contest, so I am sorry to say the winner of this event will be him. If you are an aspiring producer too bad you can not win the event because Det has that locked but you can come out and experience the music. Click here for information on Battle of the Beats 2.

Detrimental Storm Has Arrived

Well I told you in my previous post that Detrimental Storm was approaching…well folks it has finally arrived. Detrimental Storm does not only have one sight but four sights for your musical progression. For a quick recap, Detrimental Storm is musical genius that has produced music for years and can provide you with stellar tracks. Now back to the sights, first there is Detrimental Storm Productions for music samples and ordering. Next is the DSP Blog where he discusses hip-hop topics and comments are welcomed. Then there is The Detrimental Storm Storm Shop where you can pick up T-Shirts and things with the DSP logo. Last but not least the sight that ever musical inclined person on the planet has a MySpace account for Detrimental Storm. So get your raincoats and enjoy the Storm.

Danger Doom: The Mouse And The Mask Mini-Review

Danger Doom: The Mouse and the Mask is a great concept album but to sum it up that way would not do it justice. Danger Doom is one part Danger Mouse, one part MF Doom and a dash of Adult Swim. Add water and mix well and you have the album, the Mouse and the Mask. MF Doom always has rhymes to compliment any beat but Danger makes Doom’s words sound harmonious. Danger’s sound is a soothing motion of sounds blended with intense and atmospheric rhythms. What does all that mean, I don’t know but he sure makes it sound good.

Backing up Danger Doom on this journey is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. All the characters deliver some of their funniest moments from Master Shake, Carl and all of the others. Space Ghost even makes a cameo on the album while Danger Doom tries to take over his talk show.

The Mouse and the Mask is already one of my favorite albums and will be on my playlist for awhile. Fans of MF Doom’s other projects will definitely enjoy this outing with Danger Mouse and is a great introduce to anyone just discovering the Mouse and the Mask.