Do You Have ESP?

Do you have Ecliptic Sight Perspective? Well do you? That’s correct ladies and gentlemen I am back from server purgatory to give you what you need. I will have all previous posts as well as new posts thrown inbetween for your reading enjoyment.

So what is this Ecliptic Sight Perspective (ESP) that I am talking about? Well it is my mission statement or goal of this sight (yeah, that is still how I say site) which is to review video games, music, films, comics, events and anything else that should be recognized. Ecliptic Sight is committed to giving information on products and services that are good if not great. So sit back, relax and get in touch with your ESP.

Welcome Back

My last host is still down and has not reinstated my sight so I had to jump ship again to a new server. Hopefully this will be my final home. On a good note with changing from Blogger to WordPress, I was able to transfer all my posts and comments with no problem. So now I don’t have to do it manually and can focus on new posts. Sorry for all the downtime and confusion but it was for a better sight and experience for the end user and myself. Now go tell everyone I am back again.

Sight Recently Played Tracks Added

Just added a recently played tracks to my sidebar. My intentions was to add the weekly tracks box but it was to big for my sidebar. This lead me to search their forums for a easy way similar to my custom xfire sig with my last track played. I found the answer through the Audioscrobbler sight on a WIKI called Recent Tracks On Your Blog. The instructions are simple enough, first you register your RSS feed ( provides this for free) on You select a template and then Feed Digest gives you the code to add to your sight. So watch the sidebar for some of my musical recommendations.

Happy Holidays and New Year from Ecliptic Sight

Just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone and I hope it is a great time with family and friends. Also a happy new year and don’t drink as much as me, which is pretty close to drunk status. Anyways make good plans for your life and execute them and may all your dreams come true for the new year. Now where is that drink?!

Sight Search Added

Just added a search button to the left menu to make it easier to find articles and reviews from the sight. This is making everything so much easier like I posted before. I can’t believe how automated and user-friendly everything is. Here are the sights that helped with this and more: Digital Inspiration (for the search bar and placement), Technorati (for search bar code) and Blogger (for everything else).

Fuji F10 Camera and Half-Life 2 Model

Half-Life 2 Box Art

Just got my F10 in the mail and it is everything I expected and more. To your right you will see my first picture taken of my Half-Life 2 box looking shiny in black. I did that shot indoors with no flash and only my computer monitor for lighting. I can’t believe it can do that. I searched a long time for a digital camera and read many reviews. This one received the highest praises from reviewers and customers. I will not even try to attempt to review this camera yet because I’m still learning about it. If you would like to see the review that made me empty out my bank account, it is located at This guy has tons of reviews of different digital cameras and a database with over 650 cameras with make and model, type of media and other things. With my F10 I will take pictures of everything I review to show you that I own and enjoy what I review. I will try to make the pictures artistic but come on I’m not a professional photographer. My Photoshop and graphic design skills may be needed to help out.

Ecliptic Sight Redesign

Alright here it is the brand spanking new ultra spectacular totally different sight. Okay okay it looks almost the same but I have switched the format to My goal was to make it easier to post new articles and news and Blogger has made it a lot nicer. Before I had to manually archive, write, post, upload, change the format to html and then put it into the layout (Thats too much). Now with the new sight all I have to do is write and post it. Blogger will do all the rest and in return I will write a lot more, you know you want it! So read on and don’t worry all the old news and articles will be back up. So sit back, relax and get ready for the eclipse.