Ultimate Avengers The Movie Coming Soon

Ultimate Avengers is coming to DVD and UMD soon (February 21 to be exact). This will be based on the Marvel Ultimate comics that have been making a stir in the comic industry. Well it boils down to the older and younger generation because the Ultimate line of comics takes old characters like Spiderman or Avengers and takes them into new directions and storylines. The older comic reader might be thrown off by these characters being introduced in new ways. The younger generation will probably embrace it easier because this may be there first look at the characters and stories. If you watch and like any of the recent Marvel movies like Spiderman or Hulk then you know stories are altered to fit the film. This can be good in some ways because it will make older and younger readers pick up the Ultimate line to see what is going on. Hate it or love it this will be the first animated film from Marvel and hopefully not be the last. So rent or buy (or trick your spouse into thinking it is a Sean Connery updated version) the Ultimate Avengers so that the tradition continues into other animated comic book movies.

Detrimental Storm is Approaching…

Well it seems my partner in crime has a new website up called Detrimental Storm Productions. On his sight (yes that is how I say website or site, clever no?!) you can discover producer extraordinaire Mr. Detrimental himself. He supplies you a biography so you know why he does what he does and how he does…it. Ok that didn’t make sense but I’m writing this at 3:00 am in the morning. On a personal note I have known Detrimental since around 1992 and even then he had an ear for musical production. On top of that he has been doing it before then so he has the experience to back his production. You will not receive a simple speedup vocal and a weak drum snare. He will concoct a musical weather storm that will dance in your soul until you are drenched. Another cool thing about his sight is that you can sample his beats he has created. They are short and sweet and will give you a small taste of what you will get. So now you are thinking that’s all fine and dandy but who does he compare to as a beat smith. Detrimental has his own style but if I must compare him it would be to the likes of DJ Premier, Dr. Dre and Rjd2. Don’t believe me go to the sight and find out for yourself.

Sight Recently Played Tracks Added

Just added a recently played tracks to my sidebar. My intentions was to add the Last.fm weekly tracks box but it was to big for my sidebar. This lead me to search their forums for a easy way similar to my custom xfire sig with my last track played. I found the answer through the Audioscrobbler sight on a WIKI called Recent Tracks On Your Blog. The instructions are simple enough, first you register your RSS feed (Last.fm provides this for free) on FeedDigest.com. You select a template and then Feed Digest gives you the code to add to your sight. So watch the sidebar for some of my musical recommendations.

Last.fm Weekly Track Chart

Just found this on last.fm, a way to show the weekly track chart on my sight. It will be a way to show what music I listen to the most and what I am currently listening to the most. This way I can recommend music that you can purchase or download from online music stores like my favorite Realplayer Music Store with full albums for $7.99 and $0.99 for single tracks. They also work with more digital music players like Creative, IRiver and even the Apple Ipod. I will probably add this to my sidebar so you can see my tracks on a weekly basis. This also goes with my Xfire custom sig that displays the last track that I listen to which is a plugin found on last.fm also.

headpiece747's Last.fm Weekly Tracks Chart

CS:S Quick Update

Valve has done a great thing for the gaming community by adding Steam as their download system. It not only allows for people to buy games but also download demos, patches and models. Speaking of that if you have not restarted your Steam in awhile you will be missing the new map: de_nuke and new player models for counter-terrorist and terrorist.

Happy Holidays and New Year from Ecliptic Sight

Just wanted to say happy holidays to everyone and I hope it is a great time with family and friends. Also a happy new year and don’t drink as much as me, which is pretty close to drunk status. Anyways make good plans for your life and execute them and may all your dreams come true for the new year. Now where is that drink?!

SiN Episodes Coming Soon

SiN Episodes will be another game delivered through Steam provided by Valve. Valve are the makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike series and have created a download system for their games as well as third party developers. Another great thing that Valve does for the gaming community is open its Source Engine (which runs Half-Life 2 and other games) to other companies to develop games faster and more efficiently. SiN Episodes will be released on the Source Engine and will have new characters and environments based on the SiN universe. Sin will be a First-Person Shooter or FPS and looks stunning in the graphics department. Also SiN Episodes will be released in episodes so you can play one story or the entire story in series. This seems like a great idea with the SiN developers having the option to listen to the SiN community and change content as needed. Keep an eye out for this one and check out SiN Episodes sight for more information and other goodies. Here is a screenshot from their fansitekit: