Arrival Of The Merch Girl

So my package has arrived of Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl by Murs and Josh Blaylock. If you need it a refresher of what this is then check out the successfully funded Kickstarter page for more information. I ordered the package with the T-shirt and picked the art of Jim Mahfood with his envisioning  of Yumiko. Included in the delivery was a download card with the album and comic digitally, a hard cover of the graphic novel and the Murs & Foundation CD. I was waiting to get the physical comic to read it but it looks great with the artwork of Jose Garcia with a quick flip through. The Murs & Foundation album is just what you thought it would be, nice with all the songs complimenting the graphic novel. Click on the image to see a larger version at Art by Ecliptic Sight.

You’re So Atmosphere

Do you remember the cover for Atmosphere’s third album called, “God Loves Ugly?” This time it is your chance to have your mug on the cover. All you need is an photo from your computer or use the webcam on your computer to upload a picture to the You’re So Ugly website (that really is the name of the website). Atmosphere and Rhymesayers Entertainment have put this site together to promote the reissue of God Loves Ugly with the free bonus DVD, “Sad Clown Bad Dub 4 (The GodLovesUgly Release Parties).” Here is the tagline for the album, “Repackaged, Reissued & Uglier Than Ever!” Let’s see if you can get your ugly on.

You're So Ugly Photogallery

The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009: Photo Review

Coming back from another country and already back to my old ways. We attended The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009 at the Loft on April 19. I found out about the event from and just had to go because it is rare to have Hip-Hop in Nashville, Tennesse. So here is my review on the event through photos.

This is the first thing I saw walking into the event. Also Syntax Records hosted the concert with most of the roster performing are on.
Syntax Logo

All the way to the top. These flyer arrows helped point us in the right direction.
Arrows Made Out Of Flyers

We arrived late so only got to see the last song performed by Scribbling Idiots but they were still getting the crowd crazy.
Scribbling Idiots On Stage

The lighting behind Scribbling Idiots enhances the show but they could do that with their energy alone.
Scribbling Lighting It Up

DJ Promote on the wheels of steel, putting in work for intermissions and performers.
DJ Promote On The Wheels Of Steel

How could it be a “Peanut Butter & Jelly Party” without the peanut butter and jelly, right. They served it all night with free milk and Rockstar energy drinks for backup.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Party For Real

Odd Thomas takes the stage…
Odd Thomas Takes The Stage

…and murders his set.
Odd Thomas

Propaganda has the crowd start with their hands in the air.
Propaganda One

Propaganda performance is so hype that the crowd keeps them up.Propaganda Fist

Kaboose grabs the mic and begins to make the crowd move.
Kaboose Grabs The Mic

Kaboose brings Royce 5’9″ with him but on screen in the same style as his album cover.
Royce 5'9" In Kaboose Style

Braille gets into his performance and makes the crowd follow.
Braille's Turn

Braille and Theory Hazit join forces to elevate the mood.
Braille & Theory Hazit

RedCloud delivers a stunning presentation with freestyles to spare.
RedCloud Performs

RedCloud and Kaboose compare mohawks.
RedCloud & Kaboose Mohawks

Overall the event was impressive and found some new artist to add to the music library. Here is the some of the free swag that was given away at the show and that’s it.
Free Swag

D3: Dilla Dependence Day

J Dilla Forever
Click image to enlarge image.

Now it is time to tell my Dilla story in memory of him on February 10th. I discovered Jay Dee aka J Dilla as some others might have walking into Fat Beats in the late ’90s and hearing:
“Hey, hey, hey, h-hey, hey
What you say, get this money
If they say what you gon do today, just say
Hey I wanna get paid
Pay day, pay day, pay day”.
With this hypnotic hook and a beat that caughted your soul it was apparent I was hearing something new. So I asked the DJ/Store clerk who it was and he said that’s Slum Village. I nodded my head and headed over to the vinyl to find this Slum Village musical master piece. I found a 12″ vinyl named, “Slum Village – Get Dis Money (off of the Office Space soundtrack)” and wonder if this is the right one and take it to the counter. With a quick glance at the turntables I see I selected the right one. With the record in hand I take it home and play out the vinyl until I know every intricate loop.

So my mouth was now watering for a Slum Village full LP. In the summer of 2000 my prayer was answer with Fantastic Vol. 2 on GoodVibe Recordings. With people from Q-Tip to D’Angelo to the Roots saying they were the ones to watch I knew I was making a great purchase. I never knew I how much I would I would love this album. J-88 was “The Best Kept Secret” because I did even realize it was Slum Village until a couple of listens. With the next album not featuring Dilla I skipped it anticipating Dilla’s new solo career. It came from the most infectious song called, “B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)” off the album: “Welcome To Detroit”.

I thought to myself what could Dilla do now to continue his excellency? Well he would team up with one of my favorites emcee/producers Madlib to create one of the brilliant collaborations in the history with Jaylib – “Champion Sound”. It truly was a champion sound that every fan of either one could cross reference to find the perfect album. Three years later and now signed to Stones Throw, J Dilla would deliver his most illustrious musical adventure with an instrumental album simply called “Donuts“. Released on his birthday it would solidify his production values but it would be short lived with his death three days later. J Dilla will be called ahead of his time, one of the best on the boards but I will always remember his infectious beat that caught my ear on the summer day from a turntable and speakers.

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