Wu-Tang 8 Diagram Tour: Photo Review

Took a trip to Bakersfield, California and was surprised by my little brother Josh with an early Christmas present, two tickets to the Wu-Tang 8 Diagrams Tour. The concert was held at The Majestic Fox Theater and scheduled to start at 8:00 pm. We didn’t arrive until 9:00 pm and the concert started shortly after. My cousin Rick works at the Fox and took my pictures for me on the side of the stage with my camera. Without further ado the Wu-Tang 8 Diagram Tour: Photo Review:

Wait I only count six members of Wu on stage! Yeah Rza, Inspectah Deck and Masta Killah were snowed in and couldn’t make it.

Raekwon does his solo thing and moves the crowd.

Cappadonna that is a tight shirt, oh I mean tight rhyme skills.
Cappadonna Nice Logo

“Come on party people, all in together now, sing along” – R.I.P. ODB
All In Together

Method Man slapping hands with fans and then…
Meth With Fans

…Method Man standing on his fans.
Meth On Fans

Cappadonna was really hype the whole time and had the crowd pumped.
Cappadonna Solo

Photo ghosting with Ghost and Meth.

Crowd can’t get enough…

…and Method Man delivers with a solo.
Meth Solo

Looks as if Wu-Tang is even having a good time.
Good Times

Taxi driver to Pepsi man. Cappadonna quenches the crowds thirst.
Pepsi Man

Crowd picture and I’m not in it. Time to get out.
Crowd Photo

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