Welcome to a new experience in review sites. Ecliptic Sight was born out of a simple idea, as most things are to only give information of things that are good. There are many sites out there that have more negative reviews than positive reviews so we know what not to buy but don’t have enough content about what we should purchase. Enters Ecliptic Sight to fill that gap, to inform you about the great buys. Ecliptic Sight’s goal is to review video games, music, films, comics, events and anything else that should be recognized. Ecliptic Sight is committed to giving information on products and services that are good if not great. Ecliptic Sight does not want to waste our energy writing how bad something is while Ecliptic Sight could be using that time to find something new and exciting to bring you. Does Ecliptic Sight like everything it has bought or seen? No that would be naive; there are tons of terrible things out there. Ecliptic Sight just thinks about the saying that just about every child learns in grade school; if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This is Ecliptic Sight’s mission to bring everyone to the mind set that there are excellent video games to play, good music to listen to, great films to watch, nice comics to read and better events to attend. That is why Ecliptic Sight’s statement of: Observe The Path Of Light should make sense. It means stop dwelling on the negative and see what is good in life.

Ecliptic Sight Writing Staff
Editor-in-chief: Saibot

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  1. You soooooooo rule Tobias- I’m grateful for all your help –Mozilla RULES too. =)

    Neil Young is King =)

  2. When are you coming back to Cali to visit. I have no one to test my drinking limits…lol.

    Also, hit me up with an email address where I can get at you. I have a request for you of blindsided nature.

    Miss you out here homey. One.

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