CS:SS – Counter Strike: Source Surfer?

It is no secret that I am a CS:S addict but a Counter-Strike: Source Surf addict takes time and patience. Up until recently I had neither one for Surf maps. My first experience was not the perfect situation because first the map took a long time to load(I know that is due to server more than maps now.) up the Surf map. Then I get in the map and everyone starts to jump off the ledge on the ramps and it looks easy enough. So I load up my weapons and jump off pressing forward on my keyboard and fall off. So I check my stats and now I have a -1 Kill/Death ratio(if you played CS:S you know what this is, so go get it) and watch others do it with ease. So I load my weapons again but have the same result. So I start asking people on the server how do you stay on the ramps? The responses are as followed: “Stay on the ramp”, “learn how to surf” and my favorite, “LOL, noob.” I really think it is written some where that on Surf servers you can not help newcomers. So after that server I stayed away from Surf servers for a while but always wanted to learn. The way I eventually learned was through trial and error and playing with people that helped me out with little hints. So to help everyone who was like me before I have stumbled across this sight: How to Surf in Counter Strike Source – WikiHow. It has tons of information on Surfing, some that I didn’t even know and will make you a CS:S Surfer in no time. So now where is that elite Surf clan because I am ready to Surf now?!

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