ESP Gaming Agenda: The Backlog

If you are like me then you have the too many games and not enough time to play them. It is the infamous backlog of games that accumulate over time that can not be avoid thanks to websites such as CheapAssGamer, Amazon Digital Download and the Steam sales. So I have set a goal (new year resolution?) to complete and chip away at this growing list of games. So far, I have beat several games and wanted to give a quick recap of each game:

Saints Row The Third
What is not to love about this game with its over the top gameplay and insane story line I will be looking for the next installment.

Battlefield 3 (Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer)
What can I say about Battlefield 3 that hasn’t already been said a million times in tons of reviews. Just go play it and enjoy it too.

Bioshock 2
The twist is in the first one you fought Big Daddies and in this one you are one. If you choose the evil route you get a demented ending that I will not spoil here.

Red Faction: Guerrilla
A open sandbox game that gives you hammer and stuff to smash sound fun? Yes it is.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (Single Player Campaign and Multiplayer)
An unorthodox group of soldiers have to save the world and give you all the weapons and vehicles you will need.

Just Cause 2
Open your parachute and discover all the secrets on the island of Panau while people shoot at you.


Saints Row: The Third Gets A Little Cheapy

You know I like cheap games and I have put over 57 hours into Saints Row: The Third. So how can the two get combined and make me put in more hours, well put some Cheapy D on it. That is right my favorite website for looking up cheap games, CheapAssGamer has gotten the owner of the website Cheapy D into the game as a DLC coming on January 17th. He won an auction to become a playing character in the game. Here is a video showing Cheapy D messing people up and getting burned at the end. Watch until the end to here him say his favorite quote from the 2nd game in the series, hilarious.

Arkham Gears Battle Of Duty

Wonder why posting has slowed to a crawl here on Ecliptic Sight. Blame it on the games, Batman: Arkham Asylum (playing the the first one because I already bought Arkham City), Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I will try to keep up but with the holidays in full swing and great games coming down the pipeline it will be hard to juggle everything. To bad they can not mash up video games so we did not have to buy so many…

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For All He Does, For All Of Us…To Michael!

Sometimes in our lives we need a reminder. Something that puts everything in perspective. Why we work our fingers to the bone. Try to obtain every trophy. Fight the good fight.

Now back to your regular Ecliptic Sight program: I made that sound like something epic was happening but it is the just the new marketing (genius?) campaign from Sony called “Long Live Play. The video above just makes me think that we are changing lives when we play games it was perfectly executed allowing us the viewers to be drawn into their make-believe world. They also make us keep watching the video so we can try to spot and identify all the characters in the video. That is all i got I have to get back to my gaming.

Ninja Senki Makes 8-Bit Fun Again

Ninja Senki is the brain child of Jonathan Lavigne and is a throwback to old school platformers with refreshing gameplay. The download for Ninja Senki comes in under 10mb so it is worth a try and will not hog up your hard drive space. Here is what the creator has to say about his creation:

You play the game as Hayate, the shurikenjutsu master, who embarks on a quest to avenge the death of Kinuhime, the princess of his clan.

I played a few levels and it definitely is frustratingly fun, skillfully involved game that I thought it would be. Did I mention that it is free to play on the PC and works with a gamepad. So what are you waiting for go get it at

Paul Robertson Vs. Scott Pilgrim

Paul Robertson has been one of my favorites ever since I have seen his video, “Kings of Power 4 Billion %“. His artwork and videos have always made me think he should make a video game. Well I guess someone else thought so to because he has done the artwork for “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game” in all its 8-bit glory. If this game does not take you back to being a kid then you were a sad child and you need to go buy a old NES or something. All I can say is go watch the video below and then go get in on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live.

Setting The Tone For Medal Of Honor

I haven’t put up a game trailer in awhile (I believe the last one was Bioshock). I enjoy when the tone or atmosphere of the game is set by the game trailer. Medal Of Honor: Leave A Message does just that. I could describe the trailer but it will take away from the feeling that you may get from seeing the trailer yourself. With E3 just around the corner, hopefully there will be more information and gameplay of Medal Of Honor. Maybe this can stop my addiction to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.