Fuji F10 Camera and Half-Life 2 Model

Half-Life 2 Box Art

Just got my F10 in the mail and it is everything I expected and more. To your right you will see my first picture taken of my Half-Life 2 box looking shiny in black. I did that shot indoors with no flash and only my computer monitor for lighting. I can’t believe it can do that. I searched a long time for a digital camera and read many reviews. This one received the highest praises from reviewers and customers. I will not even try to attempt to review this camera yet because I’m still learning about it. If you would like to see the review that made me empty out my bank account, it is located at DCResource.com. This guy has tons of reviews of different digital cameras and a database with over 650 cameras with make and model, type of media and other things. With my F10 I will take pictures of everything I review to show you that I own and enjoy what I review. I will try to make the pictures artistic but come on I’m not a professional photographer. My Photoshop and graphic design skills may be needed to help out.

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