E3 and Me (My First Experience) Review Part 1

My E3 experience could not be summoned up in one word. It would probably fill up three thousand pages if I wrote out every little detail of days at the big event. To give you a picture of my mindset and excitement going into E3, I will have to give you a little bit of my video gamer background. I will also tell you how I got my pass into the show, some of the companies that were there and the video I shot.

I don’t think my mom even knows this but I will have to credit her with my first gaming experience. My mom would bring home her computer from work probably a Commodore, I don’t remember but the games were addicting. My first video game system was an Atari 2600 with a lot of great games like Commando and Pacman and one of the weirdest, nonsensical games ever invented: E.T. Wait that is getting a little negative lets turn it around. He was green if you had a color television back then that is positive, right! More quarters dropped in arcades than I could count back then. Fast forward to present day and a growing video game addiction and we come to my very first experience at E3.

Again special thanks to Clark Steel at Gamerave.com for the pass. When I received the pass I immediately got all three days off from both my jobs because I wanted to get the full experience. Next I had to get the requirements for E3 so I used my first job because they actually used to attend before I started working there. They would go for educational games but stopped for lack of educational games offered at the show. So I go to register a day before the event and had all the credentials from my company. I asked the lady at the desk if I had to use my company’s name or if I could use my website company. She said it would be fine to use the website name. So on my new shiny badge it said Tobias Henry, Game Consultant/Reviewer, EclipticSight.com. With my badge in had I was ready for the next day. Let me tell you I could not even sleep that night thinking of all the games I was going to see and play.

I picked the perfect time to attend E3 2005 because the next-gen consoles were going to be shown with the exception of the Nintendo Revolution. That was a big disappointment on their part. All the big players in the video game and computer industry were there from Sony, Microsoft, EA, Nintendo and a host of small and independent developers that I didn’t even know about.

I made sure to have my MiniDV camera in hand to record the event but later after reviewing the film, I found out most of it was pixelated with garbage on the screen and could not use it. I also took my PSP to E3 hoping to get demos or something but no luck. I do have a good story about my PSP and Nintendo for later. I got the capture below from the now retired MiniDV with my swag in all its greatness.

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