SiN Episodes Coming Soon

SiN Episodes will be another game delivered through Steam provided by Valve. Valve are the makers of Half-Life and Counter-Strike series and have created a download system for their games as well as third party developers. Another great thing that Valve does for the gaming community is open its Source Engine (which runs Half-Life 2 and other games) to other companies to develop games faster and more efficiently. SiN Episodes will be released on the Source Engine and will have new characters and environments based on the SiN universe. Sin will be a First-Person Shooter or FPS and looks stunning in the graphics department. Also SiN Episodes will be released in episodes so you can play one story or the entire story in series. This seems like a great idea with the SiN developers having the option to listen to the SiN community and change content as needed. Keep an eye out for this one and check out SiN Episodes sight for more information and other goodies. Here is a screenshot from their fansitekit:

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