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If you were crazy enough to get your Sony PSP at launch like I did then you were probably as hungry as me to feed it all the free legal content I could get my hands on. I skipped the music part because I have a 20gb MP3 player. So my next thing was to try the video function. I did not have as much problems as other people had because I researched how to put videos on the PSP before it was out and how to format it and name it. With all that out the way I started to collect and bookmark sights that had PSP content. Fast forward to present day, the PSP has been out for a year and I have a long list of PSP content bookmarked. Now I share this content with you:

29PSP Video Guide
One of the first sights I discovered with original shows and trailers to feed your little device. They also have the 29MP4 Video Store that I have previously reviewed here.

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