Ninja Senki Makes 8-Bit Fun Again

Ninja Senki is the brain child of Jonathan Lavigne and is a throwback to old school platformers with refreshing gameplay. The download for Ninja Senki comes in under 10mb so it is worth a try and will not hog up your hard drive space. Here is what the creator has to say about his creation:

You play the game as Hayate, the shurikenjutsu master, who embarks on a quest to avenge the death of Kinuhime, the princess of his clan.

I played a few levels and it definitely is frustratingly fun, skillfully involved game that I thought it would be. Did I mention that it is free to play on the PC and works with a gamepad. So what are you waiting for go get it at

ESP Music Agenda: Jean Grae – Cookies or Comas

Jean Grae has devised the perfect name for her new mixtape, “Cookies or Comas” because if you listen to her delicious flow too much it may put you into a coma. There is not too much to say about Jean Grae as long as you have heard any of her music then you probably already have this and if you have not heard of her (what is wrong with you) then this will make you see why she is a favorite at Ecliptic Sight. Alright stop reading this and go download all for the price of free at


ESP Music Agenda: Fresh Daily – The Quiet Life

Fresh Daily is at it again with his new album titled, “The  Quiet Life“. If you bought his debut album on High Water Music called, “Fresh Daily is the Gorgeous Killer in Crimes of Passion” like I did then you already know what to expect. If you did not then I don’t know what is wrong with you but this will be a great introduction with the price of free at his Bandcamp page. Time to enjoy the quiet life with some music.

ESP Music Agenda: New Dillon & Mystik Journeymen EPs

Usually I would wait until the end of the month or even listened to the albums before I try to put them up. These two releases are the exception because Dillon has proving his musically prowess on his album, “Studies In Hunger” and the Mystik Journeymen (of Living Legends) need no introduction with years of quality of hip-hop. Another reason for the urgency is that the Dillion – Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite is free for this week only. Mystik Journeymen (Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam) – Return 2 The Love is their first release as a group since 2002.

Dillion – Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite

Mystik Journeymen  – Return 2 The Love

Super Barrio Bros. In Giving Mood

So this Christmas Dumbfoundead and I have decided that you all should enjoy this CD in your iPod or CD player for FREE, on us. ~8 Bit Bandit

Super Barrio Bros. consist of emcee Dumbfoundead and producer 8 Bit Bandit which put out the 8 bit music (think Super Mario Bros. background music but more involved or evolved) slammed together with Hip-Hop. I have always wanted this album since I heard samples on their myspace page. Now everyone including myself can enjoy this fine release. Great way to start off the holiday season with some festive Super Barrio Bros. sounds to help through the new year. Get the album here and more 8 Bit Bandit releases on his tumblr.

ESP Album Art: Jamie Christopherson – Lost Planet Soundtrack

Here is another album cover done by headpiece747 for the video game, Lost Planet. The soundtrack was included on the collector’s edition of the game. The composer Jamie Christopherson also has ten out of the fifteen songs on his website for free download. Lost Planet is a mech/FPS that made me feel as though I was in the movie Starship Troopers. The visuals of the game are still impressive by today’s standards. The soundtrack is handled perfectly by Jaime Christopherson mixing soothing tones and chaotic effects to match the pace of the game. If you have not played the game or heard the soundtrack then definitely pick up the collector’s edition so you can have both, and make sure to check this weblink while you are at it .

Jaime Christopherson - Lost Planet Soundtrack: Album Art
Click on image for larger size (1500�1500)

Video Of The Moment! Part III

Here is a new video for two songs off of Tone Spliff’s Authentic album. First up Krumbsnatcha takes the mic and lets us know that he makes the music for his fans with the song, “Do It For You”. Then Born Talent jumps on with the song, “Respect Is Due” where he lets other artists know that respect is earned through hard work.

As a bonus, Tone Spliff is giving away his album, Authentic for free through his website: Mind Write Music. Here is the direct link for the lazy: Tone Spliff – Authentic.

Artist: Tone Spliff featuring Krumbsnatcha & Born Talent
Song: Do It For You/Respect Is Due
Album: Authentic
Director: Pacool

Tone Spliff - Do It For You/Respect Is Due: Video