Golden Axe Gone Away (GAGA)

My title sounds like a song, “Golden Axe Gone Away…” You can finish the rest if you must but before I get off track. I recently put my Golden Axe arcade cabinet on for sale. I was going to restore it myself but time (mostly more games) caught up to me. Anyways, two guys came by to pick it up and through conversation I found out they work for Rhythm and Hues (that is working on the next Superman: Rhythm and Hues). So they told me they were going to restore it for their company and turn it into a MAME machine. I thought it was a good idea and asked if they would keep me posted. Well they did and also made a sight for it called RhythmMAME. I think this post gives an insight into how much work will be involved and tons of photos. Have fun.

Old Golden Axe Arcade

Edit: It seems that the RhythmMAME is back and all links are updated, thanks tony.

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