Thank You Letter To The Emcee

I have scrutinized and racked my brain on how to show my appreciate for the emcee. After finally writing this out the best approach is usually the simplest by just saying thank you. Thank you to all the emcees, lyricists, rhymers, wordsmiths, rappers, poets or whatever way you chose to describe yourself for continuing to make conscious music. The purpose of this letter is not to minimize the contribution of the other elements of hip-hop (DJ/producers, b-boys and graffiti) but emcees were the first ones to draw me into the culture that I enjoy. I can remember the first time I heard an emcee on the radio and was amazed by their wordplay. How it made me analyze their lines and marvel at how effortless they made it sound. The different emotions that could be displayed with the words they chose. Being an emcee is definitely an art form that when practiced correctly can take the listener on a musical oasis.

I listen to a lot of hip-hop and would like to thank every artist individually for the time and love they put into their craft but that would take forever. Hopefully writing this will show my appreciation and my support of what they do. I also know that actions speak louder than words so I prove my support by purchasing their albums and products. Which in turn helps the emcees continue to make their music. I will even support an artist that a critic or someone with similar taste gives a negative review because I try to understand the message that they are trying to portray. Sometimes the overall song is out of the emcees’ hand and it is the production that does not fit the words or the mix down is wrong or countless other things that happen in post production once it leaves the emcee.

All this is to just say thank you and I wanted to show my admiration for your talents and vision and hope this helps all of us grow closer to this thing we call hip-hop.

Much Respect,
Ecliptic Sight Podcast

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