ESP Album Art: Jamie Christopherson – Lost Planet Soundtrack

Here is another album cover done by headpiece747 for the video game, Lost Planet. The soundtrack was included on the collector’s edition of the game. The composer Jamie Christopherson also has ten out of the fifteen songs on his website for free download. Lost Planet is a mech/FPS that made me feel as though I was in the movie Starship Troopers. The visuals of the game are still impressive by today’s standards. The soundtrack is handled perfectly by Jaime Christopherson mixing soothing tones and chaotic effects to match the pace of the game. If you have not played the game or heard the soundtrack then definitely pick up the collector’s edition so you can have both, and make sure to check this weblink while you are at it .

Jaime Christopherson - Lost Planet Soundtrack: Album Art
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ESP Album Art: Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1

So I passed the Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1 to DJ headpiece747 and he was taking back by the skills of Primus Maximus on the Monome. He liked the mix so much that he took out his bottle of alcohol and started to design an album cover for it. He posted it on after DJ Tes (of Digital Dust) asked to see it and then Primus Maximus had this to say:

Good stuff headpiece747!
But it says “Dust Digital” on the cover while we are Digital Dust.
We have a myspace ( and a website which is not done yet (

Drunkenness at its finest but he corrected the name and it is here for your album art inclusiveness.

Digital Dust - Dusty Folders Vol.1: Album Art
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ESP Free Download: Chapter 2 : Street Soul

The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul for your listening pleasure. For your viewing pleasure on your mp3 player or pc, DJ headpiece747 & myself took it upon ourselves to fix the mp3 tags and artwork. Chapter 2 : Street Soul features 21 tracks from artists such as Prince Po, Ill Poetix, Keith Masters, Malay Sparks and plenty more. So check out the updated zip file and artwork below.

Download: The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul

The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul Album Art

Ecliptic Sight Review: Willie Green – …Of Heroes And Villains

…Of Heroes And Villains by Willie Green opens up to a noble harmony that will capture its audience with smooth and laid back tones for the opening two songs. Just then it takes, “A Turn For The Worse” with a haunting rhythm giving use a glimpse at the darker side of Willie Green. Each new song builds up the constant struggle, “…Of Heroes And Villians” to dizzying and awestruck of musical pleasure. By the time you are at the “Entermission” you don’t understand just how it will all play out. But wait here is “The Twist” to throw you off balance to the normal beatmakers that we are use to. Willie Green delivers us his musical child and if I had to pick one as my favorite kid it would be the, “Final Showdown”. The last two songs on the album have Nasa taking the helm on the first with billy woods closing out the album with perfect delivery. Also proving that the beats are emcee friendly. Willie Green’s …Of Heroes And Villains fluently blends cartoon soundbites with his own intricate instrumentals to give an enjoyable listen.

Willie Green-...Of Heroes And Villains Album Art

Click image for a free and legal download from

ESP Album Art: Yesh – The Day Dreamer Demos

So when DJ headpiece747 isn’t mixing or drinking his life away, he likes to design stuff. From the new design of the sight (site) or missing album art from his CD/MP3 collection. He has done art for several albums that I will filter through eventually. First up is the album art for the free download of Yesh’s The Day Dreamer Demos.

Yesh - The Day Dreamer Demos Album Art

Click on image for larger size (1425×1425)

Free Legal Music 14

I have made a post about Freebass 808 before but now it is time to experience the music for yourself. Freebass 808’s MoonBass EP takes the listener on a cosmic sonic ride to the moon with enough power to keep you there. All I can say is I have the song, “Love Eclipse” on repeat. Download it now so you can experience the ride too.

Freebass Moonbass Album Cover