Auto Reverse Future Ape Tapes

If you remember auto reverse then you had a cassette collection of hip-hop that you lost once you went digital. Fast forward and now we have another F.A.T. update from our favorite internet neighbor, Future Ape Tapes to add to our digital collection. While us mortal humans toil away at our daily lives, Future Ape Tapes have begun to build “Temples”. Their “Temples” consists of musical sound waves that will crash against your ear lobes. If you have not gotten it yet “Temples” is the brand new album from F.A.T. The first song on the album titled, “Mirror Images” just made me keep hitting repeat. On their Bandcamp site you can “Name Your Price” for their new album which includes a video of their first single, “GameGirl”. Also you can check out their other releases which I own and also highly recommend.

Temples, as an album is about stumbling onto something that is thriving now but could be lost forever in the future.
~The ArcHItecT

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