9 thoughts on “The Dirty Politicians Drink Live”

  1. Yeah I still haven’t heard their CD but I heard it was fire. That is cool you are still working with Krycis and I can’t wait to hear his new stuff if he wants I will post it here when it drops.

  2. I’m sure he would appreciate that. Actually he got me back into the beats. When I told him I was just doing web design now, it nearly broke his heart, lol. That respect for my craft motivated me to dust off the board again. I’m making beats right now. How can I send stuff to you to listen to when it’s ready? You have my email address. I hope all is good with you. Hit me up. I’d like to hear some of your many stories from the past few years. One.

  3. You can send beats or music through Mediafire, Yousendit or similar service because it will probably be too big to fit through email and then you can email me the link.

  4. What up fam droppin by showing some luv the album will be out soon no later then april, we put mad wrk to this album, but if you cant wait to here some holla at me and ill break you with sme hard bangers. and big up krycis

  5. True most def. We got some new super bangers also is u can check out this group called rhyme addicts there a group who we’ve been linking up with pretty dope and iam gonna be posting up sme new videos from the airliner. We did a show with keith murray. Holla son

  6. Saw the Rhyme Addicts myspace and they are nice on the mic. I will be on the look out for their album too. I heard you guys were doing big things, keep it up and keep me updated so I can spread the love.

  7. What up fam keepin you posted rza show Santa monica nappy roots eminem snoop tour will be doing these ones also peep the video war on the block by merge

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