ESP Album Art: Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1

So I passed the Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1 to DJ headpiece747 and he was taking back by the skills of Primus Maximus on the Monome. He liked the mix so much that he took out his bottle of alcohol and started to design an album cover for it. He posted it on after DJ Tes (of Digital Dust) asked to see it and then Primus Maximus had this to say:

Good stuff headpiece747!
But it says “Dust Digital” on the cover while we are Digital Dust.
We have a myspace ( and a website which is not done yet (

Drunkenness at its finest but he corrected the name and it is here for your album art inclusiveness.

Digital Dust - Dusty Folders Vol.1: Album Art
Click on image for larger size (1500×1500)

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