Kickstarter, Premrock & Willie Green Pledge A Tour

Do you remember producer Willie Green? Well he has teamed with emcee Premrock to release the self-titled album, Premrock & Willie Green on September 28, 2011on Isolated Wax Records. In an effort to promote their record they are going on tour in the U.S. in September and then International in October. You can help them fund their tour while getting dope music in return on their Kickstarter page. You can give as little as $1 dollar or more to receive bonuses. The one I chose was the $20 pledge which included:

Digital copy of new album: “PremRock & Willie Green,” signed hard copy of PremRock’s “the build” and digital copy of Willie Green’s “Dirty Jordans.” Email updates from the tour.

So basically I get three albums from their respective catalogs and help them put on a show for fans around the world that sounds like a win for everyone. So if you want to support them hit up their Kickstarter page for more options. Also to let you hear what is on the new album they have released this single with C-Rayz Walz, Soul Khan and DJ Addikt called, “Had to Be Me“.


The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009: Photo Review

Coming back from another country and already back to my old ways. We attended The Peanut Butter & Jelly Party 2009 at the Loft on April 19. I found out about the event from and just had to go because it is rare to have Hip-Hop in Nashville, Tennesse. So here is my review on the event through photos.

This is the first thing I saw walking into the event. Also Syntax Records hosted the concert with most of the roster performing are on.
Syntax Logo

All the way to the top. These flyer arrows helped point us in the right direction.
Arrows Made Out Of Flyers

We arrived late so only got to see the last song performed by Scribbling Idiots but they were still getting the crowd crazy.
Scribbling Idiots On Stage

The lighting behind Scribbling Idiots enhances the show but they could do that with their energy alone.
Scribbling Lighting It Up

DJ Promote on the wheels of steel, putting in work for intermissions and performers.
DJ Promote On The Wheels Of Steel

How could it be a “Peanut Butter & Jelly Party” without the peanut butter and jelly, right. They served it all night with free milk and Rockstar energy drinks for backup.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Party For Real

Odd Thomas takes the stage…
Odd Thomas Takes The Stage

…and murders his set.
Odd Thomas

Propaganda has the crowd start with their hands in the air.
Propaganda One

Propaganda performance is so hype that the crowd keeps them up.Propaganda Fist

Kaboose grabs the mic and begins to make the crowd move.
Kaboose Grabs The Mic

Kaboose brings Royce 5’9″ with him but on screen in the same style as his album cover.
Royce 5'9" In Kaboose Style

Braille gets into his performance and makes the crowd follow.
Braille's Turn

Braille and Theory Hazit join forces to elevate the mood.
Braille & Theory Hazit

RedCloud delivers a stunning presentation with freestyles to spare.
RedCloud Performs

RedCloud and Kaboose compare mohawks.
RedCloud & Kaboose Mohawks

Overall the event was impressive and found some new artist to add to the music library. Here is the some of the free swag that was given away at the show and that’s it.
Free Swag

A3C Brings The Juice Crew Back Together

A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2008 is an annual showcase of incredible emcees. This year is no exception with the artists set to perform read as a wet dream of any hip-hop music lover. The biggest news is that the Juice Crew has just been added for a one day performance. If you don’t realize why this is such an historical event then here is a short lesson courtesy of AC3:

From AC3 Hip-Hop Festival: “I don’t care who first or who’s last but all I know is that y’all better rock this at the drop of a dime, baby!” If you know you’re history, you’ll know that these are the opening words to one of the most prolific songs in all of Hip Hop history; The Juice Crew’s “The Symphony.” It’s been roughly 10 years since the original Juice Crew last performed together, but in a mere matter of weeks at the A3C, you’ll be able to witness history in the making as Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Craig G and Roxanne Shante reunite to perform some of the songs which steered the course of Hip Hop music as we know it today.

The artist lineup confirmed to perform so far:
Juice Crew (Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Craig G and Roxanne Shante)
Binkis Recs
Bisc 1
Blu & Ta’Raac are C.R.A.C
Clan Destined
Collective Efforts
DJ Basic
DJ Dirty Digits
DJ Klever
DJ Mafioso
DJ Rasta Root
DJ Rob Wonder
Del Tha Funkyhomosapien
Dj Lord of Pubilc Enemy
Guilty Simpson
Hangar 18
Holly Weerd
Jeru The Damaja
John Robinson aka Lil Sci
Lee Harvey Oswald
Little Brother
Mojo Swaggger
Nobody Famous
Re-Up Gang
Senor Kaos
THe Fresh
Tanya Morgan
Tha Smile Rays
The Alias Brothers (AB’s)
The Contra Verse
Willie Evans, Jr.

Juice Crew Reunite At AC3

Alkaholiks Got The Rehab Tour To Make You Say Daaam!

Tha Alkaholiks have answered their question and have come out of retirement to do the Rehab Tour. It should not be a surprise that Ecliptic Sight is excited for this one because it was sad to see the group retire so early with their last album Firewater. They were also on the Top 10 CDs From The 1990s list that was compiled here. It took two years but it will be worth the wait. Seeing Tha Alkaholiks in concert is definitely a treat and they have one of the best live shows. If you love that likwit sound or you want to see a hype show definitely find a venue near you.

Here are the dates via
LA – March 21, 2008
OC – March 22, 2008
Las Vegas – March 22, 2008
Reno – March 23, 2008
Lake Tahoe – March 24, 2008
Arizona – March 27, 2008
San Diego – March 28, 2008
Las Vegas – March 29, 2008
Long Beach – March 29, 2008
Montana – April 3, 2008
Denver – April 4, 2008
Vail- April 5, 2008
Utah – April 5, 2008
North Dakota – April 6, 2008
Kansas – April 10, 2008
Milwaukee- April 11, 2008
Utah – April 11, 2008
Chicago – April 12, 2008
Utah – April 12, 2008
NYC – April 18, 2008
Minneapolis – April 25, 2008

Tha Alkaholiks Rehab Tour