Dilated Peoples – Back Again

Dilated Peoples have always made music for Hip-Hop fans. Dilated just makes raw and pure music with the beats, rhymes and scratching that are cleverly put together. Dilated consist of DJ Babu, Iriscience (Rakaa) and Evidence. Together they have been on the Hip-Hop scene putting out 12″ vinyl records in the early ’90s. I actually walked into Fat Beats back when they were in Hollywood not Melrose and heard the DJ playing Work the Angles. I asked the guy who is that and he simply said, “Dilated”. I picked up two copies that day with the old man on the cover and spun the mess out of that song for months on my turntables. Fast forward to present day and Dilated is set to drop there fourth studio album. The album is titled 20/20 and is set to drop February 21, 2006 (date is subject to change). They have not lose their touch with the lead single entitled, “Back Again” . The video for the single can be seen at Dilated’s MySpace page towards the bottom. The concept is inventive because they do the whole video on a balcony with rotating props that tell a story to their lyrical wordplay. It is definite watch for any Dilated fan and a great introduce for any new Dilated brethren. So check the video and buy twenty twin twin (sorry I couldn’t resist).

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