Still Free On Air Force One

Although this was an elaborate hoax, Marco Ecko has done something that would have put him in the hall of fame for graffiti. He has tagged the U.S. President’s Air Force One jet with the words, “Still Free”. Well not the actual Air Force One jet but one that was painted to look exactly the same. A second video on his sight explains what his motivation was. It seems Marco Ecko a graffiti artist turned clothes designer/game developer (Marco Ecko’s Getting Up) feels that his rights are being trampled upon. He has recently went to court against New York’s governor to defend his first amendent rights. He feels that America needs to be able to express themselves in which ever media they so chose. Whether you think it is wrong or right it definitely says alot about our rights and the way America handles things.

AM-DeadLink: Bookmarks Obey

AM-DeadLink will break the disobeying bookmarks that clutter your internet browser. What AM-DeadLink does is simple it will search and locate duplicate bookmarks and give the option of destroying them. AM-DeadLink is freeware and work with Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox (My current favorite). If that was all it did it would be enough for me because that is what I needed but it does stop there. AM-DeadLink will also go through your bookmarks and check if the links are dead hence the name. Also a little bonus I found great was that it will update your favicons (the icons next to the sight) in the bookmarks. Works as advertised and it is free so what are you waiting for? On a sidenote: AM-DeadLink helped reduce 700 bookmarks to about 300 bookmarks.

Free SxSW Hip-Hop

I have crawled through 960 free SxSW songs from my previous post to deliver you only the Hip-Hop tracks from their selection. So without further ado, free legal Hip-Hop tracks from SxSW. If you click on the track name it will give you the download and the artist’s name will take you to their information page on SxSW. Discover.

MP3 Download (Right click to save) – Artist Info Page

  1. The Winter feat. Blue RaspberryApathy
  2. Say Hey ThereAtmosphere
  3. AgonyAwol One
  4. Goin For BrokeBarely Broke Family featuring Redd-Goin
  5. Alphaville feat. Har Mar SuperstarBedtime For Toys
    (Labeled Rock but has a back in day Hip-Hop feel)
  6. Illustrations of Hieronymus BoBigg Jus
  7. AbbessesBirdy Nam Nam
    (Labeled Electronic, 4 man turntablist group)
  8. SUPREME PEOPLEBlackalicious
  9. Forest WhitikerBrother Ali
  10. AvantcoreBusdriver
  11. Black HandCadence Weapon
  12. Shoot Frank – Cage
  13. Entre Chien Et LoupCaural
  14. 5th ElementClassified
  15. Laughing MachinesCoaxial
  16. ABCCoco Solid
  17. Feel Bad 4 Ur ManD Powers
  18. Just BrieflyDaedelus
    (Labeled Electronic usually labeled Hip-Hop)
  20. Plastic WorldDoujah Raze
  21. Rap TightEliot Lipp
    (Labeled Electronic but profile says Hip-Hop)
  22. MaintainG.T. Block Bleedaz feat. Lil B
  23. n/aGo Gettas Entertainment Feat. Abstraq the Grindologist
  24. $$$ ClipGray Kid
  25. BeautifulIse Lyfe
  26. Dont call me Witney BobbyIslands
    (Labeled Rock has a Hip-Hop sound and rap)
  27. Give It UpJean Grae
  28. SaviorselfJedi Mind Tricks
  29. In the Beginning – K’naan
  30. Manifest – Karsh Kale
  31. HoodieLady Sovereign
  32. OcecuauhtliLos Nativos
  33. Walkin’ On NailsMac Lethal
  34. iGenerationMC Lars
  35. More SoupMoka Only
  36. Party HardMr. Lif
  37. lonestarzNosaprise
  38. P.O.S Is Ruining My LifeP.O.S
  39. FlowmanPKT
  40. Sick 2 DefPlan B
  41. heavy in tha cratesPoetic Asylum
  42. A Girl Named YouPsalm One
  43. Nothing SweeterRico Pabon
  44. Since We Last Spoke – RJD2
  45. Slump & Grind IntroRoss Hogg
  46. Cruisin – Short Dawg
  47. Sweet TalkSpank Rock
  48. Bussa MoveSteve Austin
  49. SubtalkSubtitle
  50. I’m a FighterSupernatural
  51. Track OneSuperstardjs featuring DJ Crop
  52. Little Derek EditSway
  53. Right About NowTalib Kweli
  54. MountainTalkdemonic
    (Labeled Avant/Experimental has a Hip-Hop feel)
  55. the growthtee double
  56. The Theme Song to BoobiesToof
    (Labeled Electronic has a Hip-Hop feel)
  57. dans le clubTTC
  58. If You Can’t Say LoveVisionaries
  59. NeverX-TRCT

Free PSP Content 3

Want to become a beatbox master? You know you do. Well head over to Beatbox.Tv for free downloads. Two of the videos are tutorials and one is a demostration that will leave you yearning for more. This brings back memories and I can still beatbox the theme song of Gillian’s Island. Don’t ask.

All Kinds Of Stuff From John K.

Who is John K. you ask? What is all kinds of stuff? Why do pigs fly? I will answer in the order given. First, John K. is the creator Ren & Stimpy and the proud owner of Spumco (which was reported here). Second, all kinds of stuff is John K.’s blog where he talks about new shows, caricatures, animation techniques and more. The last and final answer is that Ren & Stimpy – The Lost Episodes will be released on July 18, 2006. What does that have to do with pigs flying, well I thought I would never get new episodes of Ren & Stimpy. Another bonus to John K.’s all kinds of stuff is that he has posted sneak previews of the DVD. Enjoy.

Ren & Stimpy Lost Episodes Cover