New Rakim Available For Purchase

Now is the time to go buy the Rakim single, “Holy Are You”, from Amazon, Itunes, Emusic or other reputable digital outlets. The reason why I am promoting this song so much is because:

  1. It’s Rakim.
  2. It’s on his own label.
  3. The more downloads the more of a demand for his album to drop.

I just bought the song from Amazon and it was more than worth the 99 cents.

Rakim H.A.Y. CD Cover

Logan Walters’ Wu-Note Project

I found Logan Walters’ Wu-Note Project by accident, searching for images to update my MP3 collection. After seeing the cover for GZA’s Beneath The Surface, I had to find out who was the designer. This lead me to his website13156 page where he had this to say about the project:

“no offense to the original designers, but as iconic as they might be they’re looking pretty dated these days. So, armed with inspiration…book of Blue Note Records covers, I set out to remake all 21.”

So far on his Flickr account, he has 17 out of the 21 covers that he is recreating and will continue to add them there.

Wu-Note Project 14, originally uploaded by advantagelogan.

You’re So Atmosphere

Do you remember the cover for Atmosphere’s third album called, “God Loves Ugly?” This time it is your chance to have your mug on the cover. All you need is an photo from your computer or use the webcam on your computer to upload a picture to the You’re So Ugly website (that really is the name of the website). Atmosphere and Rhymesayers Entertainment have put this site together to promote the reissue of God Loves Ugly with the free bonus DVD, “Sad Clown Bad Dub 4 (The GodLovesUgly Release Parties).” Here is the tagline for the album, “Repackaged, Reissued & Uglier Than Ever!” Let’s see if you can get your ugly on.

You're So Ugly Photogallery

Soul Assassins TV Live Thursdays

Remember the Rakim post then you will recall me talking briefly on Soul Assassins TV. Here is the full rundown, DJ Solo of Soul Assassins fame has the time slot of 6-8pm PST with the show called DJ Solo’s 40s & Blunts. He drops old & new music like that new Rakim and has special guests like Def Jef and DJ P-Trix. There is also a social thing on the show whereas you can chat with other viewers about the show. Overall the show is a must see and you can watch past episodes on the website also. I am currently watching the The BackBeat and then Soul Assassins Radio : The West Wing to get caught up. Here is the lineup for next Thursday to watch Soul Assassins TV Live:
12:00 – 3:00 – Soul Assassins Radio : The West Wing
3:30 – 5:30 – The Backbeat On Soul Assassins TV
6:00 – 8:00 – DJ Solo’s 40s & Blunts

Soul Assassins TV Live Thursdays