Ren and Stimpy Creator’s Blog

John Kricfalusi the man behind the wildly popular Ren and Stimpy has created a blog called all kinds of stuff. It sheds light on his technique of art, drawing, caricatures (he draws those for inspiration), shows and company. He has tons of information on every aspect of animation and gives good pointers on drawing. You can see the new shows that he is trying to get on the air and check out his great art as well.

Ren and Stimpy

Shot Of The Day 5

What do you get when you mix Pop Music and Peanut Butter?


Source: From a foreign messageboard that I did not bookmark but credit to the creator for giving me nightmares. The original concept came from the Madvillian CD artwork that can be seen here.

Total Solar Ecliptic Sight Day

There will be a total solar eclipse on March 29th, 2006. Why am I making such a big deal? You do know the name of this sight, the logo and it only happens once or twice a year, right? Well for the non-cynical types, Nasa has put up a sight called Sun-Earth Day 2006. Here is a eclipse fact from NASA: “From the Earth’s surface, the Sun’s corona (“crown”) can ONLY be seen during a total eclipse.” Wow, fine it is only interesting to me. Nasa did say corona so drink, drink.

Nasa Sun-Earth Day

Free PSP Content

If you were crazy enough to get your Sony PSP at launch like I did then you were probably as hungry as me to feed it all the free legal content I could get my hands on. I skipped the music part because I have a 20gb MP3 player. So my next thing was to try the video function. I did not have as much problems as other people had because I researched how to put videos on the PSP before it was out and how to format it and name it. With all that out the way I started to collect and bookmark sights that had PSP content. Fast forward to present day, the PSP has been out for a year and I have a long list of PSP content bookmarked. Now I share this content with you:

29PSP Video Guide
One of the first sights I discovered with original shows and trailers to feed your little device. They also have the 29MP4 Video Store that I have previously reviewed here.