October Hiatus For Ecliptic Sight

Off on another secret mission for the government but to make up for it I will be delivering two podcasts almost back to back. The first was another blend instrumental by the inconceivable DJ headpiece747 called the Hammered Edition. The second will be the Disturbing Edition, that will haunt your souls for October. Join us in November for the next yet to be named podcast and more news.

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Hammered Blend Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Hammered Blend Edition is another special instrumental mix by world-class DJ headpiece747. Eight years later he is at it again and intoxicated as well. How does he blend the records with one hand on the turntable and the second one on a bottle of vodka? It is truly a remarkable thing to witness. As always there is no tracklisting available because DJ headpiece747 is too drunk to remember. More info at EclipticSight.com.

Free Legal Music 11

I was looking for some new development on a Wee Bee Foolish album (The sophomore album entitled Underdog has been in the works for the last 3 years and at last is in the final stages. – HeadBopMusic.com) and found out one half of the group Yesh aka Yeshua DapoED was putting out a solo album. In anticipation for his solo effort, Yesh has put up the Daydreamer Demos for his fans. If this is what we have to look forward to then it will be worth the wait.

Free Legal Games

Continuing in my free legal series it now goes in to the video game sector. With a tip from Luthien over at the CAG forums, Fileplanet is now offering free games with advertising support. You will need a free account to download the games with Fileplanet and then at Ubisoft to play. The games that are offered are:

What else do I need to say its free, go download now before they change their minds.