Ninja Senki Makes 8-Bit Fun Again

Ninja Senki is the brain child of Jonathan Lavigne and is a throwback to old school platformers with refreshing gameplay. The download for Ninja Senki comes in under 10mb so it is worth a try and will not hog up your hard drive space. Here is what the creator has to say about his creation:

You play the game as Hayate, the shurikenjutsu master, who embarks on a quest to avenge the death of Kinuhime, the princess of his clan.

I played a few levels and it definitely is frustratingly fun, skillfully involved game that I thought it would be. Did I mention that it is free to play on the PC and works with a gamepad. So what are you waiting for go get it at

ESP First Impression: Denon AH-D2000

I have just received my Denon AH-D2000 headphones and instead of giving a full review with such a short time with them. I thought I would point out what initially stands out to me.

  • Simple packaging with no filler, so less stuff to throw away
  • Packaging contains: heaphones, 1/4 (6.3mm) adapter and instructions
  • Large and comfortable ear cups
  • Wore for several hours without any discomfort
  • Nice nylon thick cables for plugs
  • Gold connectors for 3.5mm and 6.3mm
  • 1/4 (6.3mm) adapter actually screws in for secure connection
  • Seems to have a very sturdy housing and built to last
  • Sound is impressive with music, games and movies (this is subjective)
  • Not overly bass heavy (but it is there) and seems to reproduce a more natural soundscape (this is subjective)
  • Drives mp3 players without needing to turn the volume all the way up
If you are in the market for new quality headphones then I would definitely put these on your short list. Click on the images to be taken to Art by Ecliptic Sight for a larger view (800×600).

Stones Throw Inspires Music Videos

Stones Throw does a lot for music such as dropping the latest Madlib track or delivering the soulful crooning of Aloe Blacc. Now it looks as if Stones Throw will be responsible for more music video content. With their 15 year anniversary, they decide they wanted the fans to get involved by having a video contest. With the vast catalog of Stones Throw aspiring music video directors only had thier own creative stopping them. The contest is now over and Stones Throw will be announcing the winners soon but you can still see all of the entries on Stones Throw’s Vimeo page. Here are some of my personal favorites but there are so many more to check out:

Even Zombies Get Down to Dilla

J Dilla / Dilla Says Go

Last Donut of the Night

Serius Jones Takes A Well Deserved Victory Lap

Serius Jones is still doing his thing after his Fight Klub win, releasing street albums/mixtapes such as, “King Me” and making a short film called, “Life is Serius”. The opening of this video is what caught my attention and they explain it through out the video with some creative typography and camera work. Overall an enjoyable music video and song.

Artist: Serius Jones
Song: Victory Lap
Album: War Music
Music Producers: Ceasar & PStarr
Director: Fabrizio Conte
Post Production: Frame24

ESP Music Agenda: Evidence – Cats & Dogs

After Evidence gave away the Beatles inspired album, “I Don’t Need Love” on his birthday as a gift to his fans, that just fueled the fire anticipating his new album that was announced on Rhymesayers Entertainment. Well now we get a concrete date for the album, “Cats & Dogs” and it will be released on September 27th. Everyone that has heard his music with Dilated Peoples, his solo joints or seen him at a live show has been waiting for this.

Here is the Cats & Dogs track list:

1. The Liner Notes (feat. Aloe Blacc)
2. Strangers
3. The Red Carpet (feat. Raekwon & Ras Kass)
4. It Wasn’t Me
5. I Don’t Need Love
6. You
7. God Bless That Man
8. Fame (feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy)
9. James Hendrix (Stepbrothers)
10. Late For The Sky (feat. Slug & Aesop Rock)
11. Crash
12. Where You Come From? (feat. Rakaa, Lil Fame & Termanology)
14. To Be Continued…
15. Falling Down
16. Well Runs Dry (feat. Krondon)
17. The Epilogue

(Click image for full size: 800×800)

ESP Music Agenda: Jean Grae – Cookies or Comas

Jean Grae has devised the perfect name for her new mixtape, “Cookies or Comas” because if you listen to her delicious flow too much it may put you into a coma. There is not too much to say about Jean Grae as long as you have heard any of her music then you probably already have this and if you have not heard of her (what is wrong with you) then this will make you see why she is a favorite at Ecliptic Sight. Alright stop reading this and go download all for the price of free at