Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume II: Deluxe

It came in today, my deluxe package of Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume II. It came with three stickers that say, “93 til.” A t-shirt with the Opio logo on the front and the CD of Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume II. The album is banging like we all knew it would be and the artwork and package compliment it well. Here is a picture of what you get if you order (go to Art by Ecliptic Sight for a larger view):

Pep Love Tells Us With Rigmarole

I have always been a fan of Hieroglyphics and their music and I am still glad they are still putting it down for hip-hop. They have never stopped so this is not a come back. It is just time for Pep Love to shine on his own with his new album, “Rigmarole“. Rigmarole has lots of different meanings but I think this one would suit it best:

a complex and sometimes ritualistic procedure
~© 2012 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Which is why we are getting this album now.  The first single and video, “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us” (see below), doesn’t need to be explained it is just want it says nobody does it like Hiero. The second single and video (see below), “Hip Hop My Friend” does a great job of making you feel the way you felt the first time you heard good hip-hop in your soul with a sample to get you in that zone. The album will be released March 6, 2012 and he currently has a pre-order (which I bought the deluxe verison) of three bundles:

Pep Love – Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us


Pep Love – Hip Hop My Friend