Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Jolly Blend Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Jolly Blend Edition is an extra choice holiday instrumental mix by all-embracing DJ headpiece747. So I asked him what does he remember about holidays? His answer: Christmas, Cartoons, and Hip-Hop! With a cup of spiked eggnog in his hand, he has a devious plan to chop all three genres into one cohesive blend. Back to his old ways, there is no tracklisting available because DJ headpiece747 is too buzzed to remember. More info at

jolly [jol-ee] -adjective
1. Slang. slightly drunk; tipsy.

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First the video and now the whole package. Turbo2k5 aka Turbo T. Double aka TSST brings you the “YupPackage“. It includes the YupYupYup song plus:

YupYupYup mp3 is now unlocked in the “YupPackage” which includes the following songs:
little blue backpack
Dear High School