Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Hard Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Hard Edition is for all the people that believe underground or independent Hip-Hop is just too laid back or weak. This will show that there are hard lyrics and beats from some of your favorite artists.

  1. Hall Of Justus – Try Me Again
  2. Camp Lo – Bed Rock
  3. Witchdoctor – Georgia Plains (Holy Grounds)
  4. Reef the Lost Cauze – Fair One feat. Sean Price
  5. Dom Pachino – What’s Ya Position
  6. Jean Grae – Knock
  7. Ike Eyes – Da Otha Side feat. Agallah and Pretty Ugly
  8. J-88 – Stupid Lies
  9. MF Grimm – The Life I Lead
  10. The Perceptionists – Party Hard Feat. Guru & Camutao
  11. Bigg Jus – NO Dessert Till YOU Finish YA Vegetables Featuring Marq Spekt
  12. Camu Tao – Hold The Floor

Disclaimer: Saibot and Ecliptic Sight Podcast are not associated with any artists or music played unless noted. All rights are reserved to the individual artist or artists. Support any songs or artists that you hear by picking up their album. Tracklisting at

Super Mario Bros. 3 Firefox Theme Version 2.6

It is no secret that Super Mario Bros. 3 is my favorite game of all time and that Firefox is my browser of choice. So how do I bring that love for the game and the browser together. Well the answer came with a Firefox theme by freewally called the Super Mario Bros. 3 Firefox Theme Version 2.6. It is a visual mashup of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Firefox that is pure eye candy.

Install instructions for the Super Mario Bros. 3 Firefox Theme Version 2.6:
Download the theme to your desktop from freewally.
Open up Firefox.
Go to Tools/Add-ons/Themes.
Drag the Super_Mario_Bros_3_2_6___Back_by_freewally.jar file on to the Themes window.
Software Installation window will pop up.
Click Install Now.
Super Mario Bros 3 2.6 will show up in the Themes window.
Click Use Theme.
Restart Firefox.
If you want check View/Toolbars/Customize/Use Small Icons to use the pipes toolbar instead of the standard Mario and Luigi toolbar.

Super Mario Bros 3 2.6 – Back by ~freewally on deviantART

Vigil: Blood Bitterness Demo

Loaded up Steam the other day and was presented with the Vigil: Blood Bitterness demo. It catch my eye because of the black and white characters and environments. So I took the plunge and downloaded the demo through Steam. The intro movie definitely puts you into a dark and gloomy world where it will be up to the main character to sort everything out. The sinister sounding voices just add to this shadowy game. The game play is accessible because Vigil is controlled by the mouse with the left click moving the character and the right click is used to open passages and pray. You read that right you get to pray in this game in certain areas with the character dropping to his knees and chanting some ominous words to unlock secrets. Overall the Vigil: Blood Bitterness demo was impressive with its own style and intriguing story that will pull you in.


Shot Of The Day 16

Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?…I Do!

IMG_4529.JPG, originally uploaded by rdr07.