20 Years of Beat Junkie Sound

The World Famous Beat Junkies was founded in 1992 so 2012 would mark the groups 20 year anniversary. I can still remember seeing a Beat Junkie battle on VHS or picking up the The World Famous Beat Junkies Volume 1 mixed by DJ Babu on cassette and many others. I have seen them do all the individual and collaborative projects but they always keep the Beat Junkie sound. The documentary, “The Beat Junkies – For The Record” takes us on a road down memory lane. It talks about how the group formed and how the individual members got into the group. Some of the best moments come from watching how the members still have so much support for each other and how they look up to each other. If you love turntablism and want to know more about one of the best groups still doing it, then you owe it to yourself to watch this.