Sean Price Stole Christmas

Happy Holidays from Ecliptic Sight. What makes a holiday even better? We all know it is good music. Well if you have not seen, “How Sean P! Stole Christmas” yet then you are missing out (and if you haven’t picked up his album, “Mic Tyson” then you are pass missing out and need to catch up) because Sean Price has put his spin on a holiday classic. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas animated cartoon is the topic of choice for Sean Price and Kimson Albert, Animator & Director of the video. Sean Price goes in for the one two punch on the vocals with some of the funniest and grimmest things to say on a Christmas record. Khrysis makes the Grinch his own with a smoothed out sound that makes you nod your head. Kimson Albert provides the slick visuals to add the icing on the cake bringing the whole project together. If you want the song for free go to Duck Down’s website and like their Facebook page.

How Sean P! Stole Christmas