ESP Album Art: Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1

So I passed the Digital Dust – Dusty Folders Vol.1 to DJ headpiece747 and he was taking back by the skills of Primus Maximus on the Monome. He liked the mix so much that he took out his bottle of alcohol and started to design an album cover for it. He posted it on after DJ Tes (of Digital Dust) asked to see it and then Primus Maximus had this to say:

Good stuff headpiece747!
But it says “Dust Digital” on the cover while we are Digital Dust.
We have a myspace ( and a website which is not done yet (

Drunkenness at its finest but he corrected the name and it is here for your album art inclusiveness.

Digital Dust - Dusty Folders Vol.1: Album Art
Click on image for larger size (1500×1500)

Incarcerated Monome Scratch

Primus Maximus (of Digital Dust) put up this video of him using a device called a Monome. He reworks Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces” and adds some scratching to make a chilled out version. On the YouTube version, he adds this:

Download our Digital Dust Mix made on monomes here:…

Sampled Skull Snaps drums & El Mitchels Affair horns & Guitar

So I dug a little more to found out more about the Monome and came across this at

each is a reconfigurable grid of backlit keypads which connects to a computer. interaction between the keys and lights is determined by the application running on the computer. there is no hard-wired functionality.

and can be used for:

live sample cutters, math simulations, drum machines, generative controllers, tonal maps, games, visualizations.

Yes I internet dig so you don’t have to. Also download that Digital Dust Mix it is nice and now go enjoy the video.

Primus Maximus On Monome and Scratching: Video

ESP Free Download: Chapter 2 : Street Soul

The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul for your listening pleasure. For your viewing pleasure on your mp3 player or pc, DJ headpiece747 & myself took it upon ourselves to fix the mp3 tags and artwork. Chapter 2 : Street Soul features 21 tracks from artists such as Prince Po, Ill Poetix, Keith Masters, Malay Sparks and plenty more. So check out the updated zip file and artwork below.

Download: The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul

The Advantage Music Group & Domination Recordings Present: Chapter 2 : Street Soul Album Art

Illusion Optique: French B-Boys

Mini clip du groupe de street “illusion optique” sur qui un film documentaire est en preparation

Here is what I got from the French To English translation:
Mini clip of the group of street ” illusion optique” on which a documentary film is in preparation

The guys in the group are: Alfie, Dadj, Krilin, Yeyo, Colonel and they are a B-boy group that perform on the streets of France. Hip-hop is alive and well through out the world.

Illusion Optique: Video