Ecliptic Sight Podcast: The End? Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: The End? Edition was engineered to forecast the impending hiatus. Saibot and DJ headpiece747 team up and join forces to deliver the best possible show as if it was their last. Half vinyl, half digital, and half drunk this will be the crowning achievement with a couple of nice surprises at the end.

  1. Quasimoto – Come On Feet Remix
  2. Masterminds – Seven featuring J-Treds, El-P, J-Live, Mr. Complex & Shabaam Sahdeeq
  3. Willie Mitchell – Groovin’
  4. Nicolay & Kay – When You Die
  5. Iller Than Theirs – To Be ILL
  6. Willie Evans Jr. – Rock Widdit
  7. Tha Liks – 40 Oz Quartet Part I
  8. Cypress Hill – Rap Superstar Instrumental
  9. Baron Ricks – Rags To Riches Instrumental
  10. J-Live – Once Upon A Mic
  11. Loer Velocity – A-Z
  12. The Crest – Kill ‘Em

DJ headpiece747 mixing essentials…
DJ headpiece747 mixing essentials
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Do You Like To Hulu?

Have you learned to hulu yet? Well why not it is easy and the best part it is free. Full length movies and television shows like “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and “Heroes” right at your computer streaming 24 hours a day. They are still adding new content partners which equals more shows for the viewer. They also offer RSS feeds to keep up with new shows or movies and embedding content on other websites which allows me to give you this full Simpsons episode.

With 19 seasons, the Simpsons still have the magic with this “Departed” inspired show entitled the “Debarted”. I will not spoil the ending but it is classic observation.
Simpsons Departed

A3C Brings The Juice Crew Back Together

A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2008 is an annual showcase of incredible emcees. This year is no exception with the artists set to perform read as a wet dream of any hip-hop music lover. The biggest news is that the Juice Crew has just been added for a one day performance. If you don’t realize why this is such an historical event then here is a short lesson courtesy of AC3:

From AC3 Hip-Hop Festival: “I don’t care who first or who’s last but all I know is that y’all better rock this at the drop of a dime, baby!” If you know you’re history, you’ll know that these are the opening words to one of the most prolific songs in all of Hip Hop history; The Juice Crew’s “The Symphony.” It’s been roughly 10 years since the original Juice Crew last performed together, but in a mere matter of weeks at the A3C, you’ll be able to witness history in the making as Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Craig G and Roxanne Shante reunite to perform some of the songs which steered the course of Hip Hop music as we know it today.

The artist lineup confirmed to perform so far:
Juice Crew (Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane, Marley Marl, MC Shan, Craig G and Roxanne Shante)
Binkis Recs
Bisc 1
Blu & Ta’Raac are C.R.A.C
Clan Destined
Collective Efforts
DJ Basic
DJ Dirty Digits
DJ Klever
DJ Mafioso
DJ Rasta Root
DJ Rob Wonder
Del Tha Funkyhomosapien
Dj Lord of Pubilc Enemy
Guilty Simpson
Hangar 18
Holly Weerd
Jeru The Damaja
John Robinson aka Lil Sci
Lee Harvey Oswald
Little Brother
Mojo Swaggger
Nobody Famous
Re-Up Gang
Senor Kaos
THe Fresh
Tanya Morgan
Tha Smile Rays
The Alias Brothers (AB’s)
The Contra Verse
Willie Evans, Jr.

Juice Crew Reunite At AC3