Video Of The Moment! Part 4

New music video from Turbo from his forthcoming album: ElectroRock v5:LLLLL. This was written, directed and pretty much everything else was done by him and his directing skills are stepping up to the next level.

Artist: Turbo
Song: DarkWing Double
Album: ElectroRock v5: LLLLL
Director: Turbo

ESP Music Agenda: New Dillon & Mystik Journeymen EPs

Usually I would wait until the end of the month or even listened to the albums before I try to put them up. These two releases are the exception because Dillon has proving his musically prowess on his album, “Studies In Hunger” and the Mystik Journeymen (of Living Legends) need no introduction with years of quality of hip-hop. Another reason for the urgency is that the Dillion – Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite is free for this week only. Mystik Journeymen (Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam) – Return 2 The Love is their first release as a group since 2002.

Dillion – Cupid’s Revenge: The Ain’t Shit Suite

Mystik Journeymen  – Return 2 The Love

Tweets From ESP

I know I am becoming a social beast but I am on a mission to get Ecliptic Sight and Art by Ecliptic Sight to as many readers as possible. So now enters Twitter into the fold to help out the mission. The Twitter site @eclipticsight is for people that have not been here and will update with random posts and a few random things. Now back to tweeting.