Last Call, Last Call For Alkahol!

Firewater will officially be Tha Alkaholiks last album as a group. This marks over ten years of drunken funk from Catashtraphe (Tash), J-Ro and E-Swift. The first single that I heard was “Make Room” from their debut album “21 and Over” which was my introduction into the Likwit sound. Tha Alkaholiks continued to put out hit albums throughout the years such as Coast II Coast, Likwidation, X.O. Experience and now Firewater. King Tee (King T) was the man behind bringing Tha Liks to the forefront and they have never forgot that or him. On the same note, Tha Liks have introduced and influenced many people including the Lootpack, Defari Herut, Phil Tha Agony and Xzibit. This is only a shortlist and I think RZA said it best, “There’s no counting how many emcees’ have sprung from my fountain.” Tha Alkaholiks have probably inspired thousands of artists. They will be truly missed and this should not be the last that we hear from them. This is an excerpt from their sight and official press release: “We were party animals for over a decade. Times are changing,” says Tash. “We’ll still get together once in a while to do a song here and a song there, but this is going to be it as far as albums go.” So raise your glasses and let us give a toast to Tash, J-Ro and E-Swift of Tha Alkaholiks, may your legendary music and drunk status never sober.

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