Sandman Buries His Lightning Rod

Oh Word had posted up this video for Homeboy Sandman called, “Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod.” the other day and I knew the name sounded familiar. So I checked my music catalog and found him featured on the free PH (formerly known as Pumpkin Head) mixtape, My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed). With a little more digging I found the “Director’s Commentary” of the video with director Naheem Adio Kujenya adding comments to the video. One nice things to find out is that some of the extras in the video are emcees themselves.

Artist: Homeboy Sandman
Song: Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod.
Album: Actual Factual Pterodactyl
Director: Naheem Adio Kujenya
Cinematographer: Travis Davis

Homeboy Sandman - Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod.: Video

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