If the post title did not grab your attention then this surely will because El-P will be dropping a new album. The album is called Cancer for Cure or C4C for short and will include his much sought after single, “Drones Over Bklyn” first established by the Adult Swim Singles Program website.  The album will drop on May 22, 2012 but if you did like I did and purchased the G-Money Deluxe (that includes both El-P – Cancer for Cure Vinyl Super Deluxe and the El-P produced Killer Mike – R.A.P. Music Vinyl Deluxe Package) then you could be listening to the album right now. The original date for the vinyl was going to be released on May 29th but due to unforeseen delays the package will not be available until June 4th. To compensate the fans for the delay, they have given us the Cancer for Cure digital album early and will allow others to order a vinyl package to download the release today also. There are three vinyl packages to choose from to get the digital download:

Vinyl Deluxe

(shipping June 4th): 2xLP Vinyl + Poster + Album Download

Vinyl Super Deluxe

(shipping June 4th): 4xLP Color Vinyl – SUPER LIMITED (Album is “Electric Blue”, Instrumental is “Blood Red”) + Poster + Album Download


PLEASE NOTE – (Shipping June 4th) Includes Both El-P Vinyl Super Deluxe and the El-P produced Killer Mike Vinyl Deluxe Package

That is all I got, time to get back to El-P – Cancer for Cure.

El-P - Cure for Cure: Album Art

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