How To Stop Online Gaming Racism

Online racism in games is a constant thing that comes up almost everyday, it is not fair that some people are not able to play today because of these reasons. I can not even count how many times I have heard a derogatory word spoken or typed because someone is doing poorly. Racism happens from Counter-Strike: Source to Xbox Live games that connect online, so it does not feel like an isolated event. Well it is obvious that racism is in games but what can we do as individuals to stop or discourage it? Here is a situation that happened to me while I was in a Counter-Strike: Source clan (I removed the clan name because I spoke to the clan leader afterwards and he supported what I had to say) and the steps I took to resolve the problem:

I am resigning from the clan with much regret. Before I explain why I know there are a couple of ways you can react. The most obvious way will be who cares I have a lot of people that want to join. The next is he is blowing it out of proportion or he needs to relax. The last is to take it in and think about it but that rarely happens.

It was last night when I was on the server and there were a lot of clan members on about eight of us I think. Then someone put up the question about is the guy hanging in iceworld a black guy? I was in shock to see that and then most of the clan members started to vote yes. There was even a player called, “Black Man with his Gun” on the server. I didn’t vote and didn’t really think about it until I got off the server and went to work. It popped in my head like did that just happen or I am I going crazy. It would be as if someone on the server was Jewish and you made fun of the Holocaust. How would you like it if someone talked about something personal to you in a negative way you would probably get mad and ban them right away.

This is why I have to remove myself from the clan because it would be as if I am condoning this racist act. Maybe me not speaking up did that last night but I am correcting that now with this email. It is easy to talk mess on the internet because there are no repercussions for your actions. But say that to someones face and you will have a fight on your hands. I was really enjoying clan up until now. I was upgrading my computer to play better and practicing more to show some improve. I even started creating the logo for the website. I just wanted clan to look and act professional but now I do not feel that is possible because everyone voted yes to racism. Now that I think about it, it would have to be a main admin they made that question because most members including me only have voting admin rights.

Again you can take this with a grain of salt and probably will so I don’t need a reply or anything. I have removed the vent server, cs:s servers, names from X-fire and the clan tag. I just feel it is important to take a stance against racists even in the smallest form. This is all my opinion and I took time so this would not sound as if it was out of anger. Maybe things will improve but I doubt it if everyone agrees to it.

Signing off for the last time…

Stop Racism

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  1. I don’t know. It’s like people can express themselves entirely online about things such as racism but when time comes to talk about it in person they may get very serious or have a cover, I’m just hoping all these remarks online are just jokes not to be taken personally.

  2. That was very humble & mature of you to do that man. Im in my computer graphics class now and stumbled upon you website after google searching: “online gaming racism” for my PSA announcement project. I have played CS for x-box, but never PC; but I do have x-box live and the racism is ridicules. I dnt know what your ethnicity is but im a mixed African American and ive fell victim to racists many times.Truth is because the individual is in the safety of their home, they will mouth off. But come time for them to step outside, I believe 99% of them act totally opposite. Another sad truth is that there is really nothing or little to be done because reporting people doesn’t work. Its people “leaders” like you that makes the difference and makes online gaming truly meet its purpose of creation, to have fun. Good work and hit me up.

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