Steam Holiday Sale Total Purchases

Here is everything that I acquired from the Steam Holiday Sale that ended on January 3, 2010. This should satisfy my gaming needs until 2011 (we will see if I don’t buy more games before then).

Stuff That Was Bought:

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter $9.99 (Daily Deal)

Red Faction: Guerrilla $9.99 (Daily Deal)

Torchlight $4.99 (Daily Deal)

Dead Space $10.19 (Daily Deal)

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box $7.49 (Daily Deal)

Crysis Maximum Edition $13.59 (Daily Deal) (Shot of the day in 2007 maybe now my computer can run it)

Street Fighter IV $9.99 (Daily Deal)

Mass Effect $4.99 (Daily Deal)

Clive Barker’s Jericho $4.99

Dark Sector $4.99

Nation Red $4.99

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky $4.99

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 $4.99

Ghostbusters $6.79

The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena $6.79

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