Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Misleading Edition

Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Misleading Edition was created for those songs that have a crazy intro, subject matter or beat. Stay on your feet because you never know where the music will take you.

  1. Madvillain – Figaro (Madlib Remix)
  2. Hangar 18 – One Night at the Bar dirty
  3. dub-L – Leave Me Alone
  4. J.Rawls & Declaime – Chosen feat. Holmskillit (aka BJ Digby)
  5. The Coup – We Are the Ones
  6. MC Paul Barman – Paullelujah
  7. Defari – The Bizness
  8. Redman – Where Am I?
  9. Pigeon John – Welcome To The Show
  10. Jeru The Damaja – Tha Bullshit
  11. The RZA – Outlines
  12. Canibus – 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
  13. Murs – The Dance f. El-P
  14. Quasimoto – Don’t Blink
  15. Jay Dee aka J Dilla – Wild

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2 thoughts on “Ecliptic Sight Podcast: Misleading Edition”

  1. Dope mix man!

    You will not be around to smell the scent of coming rain, the gentle winds forming, or the sound of thunder warning the masses, but the storm will be detrimental enough for you catch a glimpse of “Analytics” before it smacks the planet off the axis.
    I regret you are not around for this masterpiece I’m working on. I got in touch with Kenny Calvin. about to sell my first track through myspace.

    Be safe out there.

    – The Blinded Fist

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