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Artist: Kanye West
Video: Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Zach Galifanakis Version)
Album: Graduation
[flv: 440 248]
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How About Some Free Bass 808?

You are probably wondering what or who is Free Bass 808? I was wondering the same thing when I stumbled upon them looking for more information on Camp Lo’s myspace page. So I click the link and find out that one half of Camp Lo (Geechi Suede aka Suede Heron) was doing a side project named Free Bass 808 with a producer named the Apple Juice Kid aka Apple Crack. First thing I noticed was how well designed was. Then I saw that they ran with the drug reference throughout their website. With names like dealer referring to their biography and needles as the music they inject you with, it was a well thought out idea. The real question is how does Free Bass 808 sound? Well rest assure they are definitely going to make you hallucinate with their music.

Download a free sample of their product but be careful, you may become addicted (Right-click “Save Target As”/”Save Link As”):
Free Bass 808 – Get High

Free Bass 808